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Joyce Man
Associate Professor of Public Finance and Policy Analysis
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Senior Fellow, Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy
Research Interests: Public finance, urban and regional economics, economic development, China's Urban and Public Policy
     Associate Director
Gardner Bovingdon (鲍文德)
Associate Professor
Departments of Central Eurasia Studies, East Asian Languages & Cultures, and Political Science
Goodbody 331; (812) 856-0230
Research Interests: Xinjiang, Central Asia, contentious politics
     Senior AssociatesTOP
Marc J. Dollinger (董马克)
Professor Emeritus of Management
Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, Kelley School of Business
BUS 640; (812) 856-5063
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship, Chinese management, mega-events, collective strategies
Barbara Flynn
Richard M. and Myra Louise Buskirk Professor of Manufacturing Management
Kelley School of Business, Indianapolis
BS 4010 (Indianapolis), BU 738 (Bloomington); (317) 650-7258
Research Interests: International manufacturing, quality management, operations strategy, global competitiveness
Sara Friedman (费雪若)
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology and East Asian Languages & Cultures
SB 158; (812) 856-4595
Research Interests: Marriage and the state; Socialism and post-socialism; Gender and sexuality; Reproductive politics; kinship; Citizenship; Ethnicity; Media and representation; Transnationalism; Tourism; Language politics
Rick Harbaugh (李克)
Associate Professor
Department of Business Economics and Public Policy, Kelley School of Business
Business 442; (812) 855-2777
Chinese Characters:
Research Interests: Game theory, economics of communication, Chinese economic reforms
Jeffrey Hart
Professor Emeritus
Department of Political Science
Woodburn Hall 346; (812) 855-9002
Webpage: http:\\\~hartj
Research Interests: Politics of competition in high technology industries, politics and  history of the Internet, political economy of the television broadcasting and film industries
Scott Kennedy(甘思德)
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Cultures and Political Science Departments
Goodbody 205; (812) 856-0105
Research Interests: Business lobbying, economic policymaking, Chinese participation in global regimes, US-China relations
Dan Li (李丹)
Associate Professor of International Business
Management Department, Kelley School of Business
Business 650; (812) 855-5967
Research Interests: Management of multinational enterprises, international strategic alliances, internationalization process
Marjorie Lyles (马智睿)
OneAmerica Chaired Professor of Business Administration, and
Professor of International Strategic Management
Kelley School of Business
Business 4035; (317) 274-2558
Research Interests: International strategic management, organization learning, international business and China
Emily Metzgar
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism
940 E. Seventh St., Bloomington; (812) 855-1255
Research Interests: Public diplomacy, political communication and social media
Amanda Michaud
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Wylie Hall Rm 205, 100 S. Woodlawn Bloomington, IN 47405-7104; (812) 856-1238
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Chinese housing, mortgage markets and savings
Ethan Michelson (麦宜生)
Associate Professor
Departments of Sociology and East Asian Languages & Cultures
Ballantine 768; (812) 856-1521
Research Interests: Social conflict in rural China, Chinese lawyers, public legal advice
Mohan Tatikonda
Professor of Operations Management
Director, Global Supply Chain Enterprise, Kelley School of Business
Dr. L.L. Waters Faculty Fellow
Kelley School of Business
Business 4044; (317) 274-2751
Research Interests: Global supply chains, technology transfer, product and process innovation
Wang Wen
Assistant Professor
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Business 4062; (317) 274-1078
Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Public budgeting and finance, intergovernmental fiscal relations, and financial management for public and nonprofit organizations
Lars Wilnat
School of Journalism
940 E. Seventh St., Bloomington; (812) 855-9247
Research Interests: Political and cross-national media effects, public opinion formation, political media in Asia
     Visiting Scholars & Practitioners-in-ResidenceTOP
Zhang Xingxiang (张兴祥)
RCCPB Practitioner-in-Residence (执行访问学者)
Eigenmann 1124, 1900 East Tenth Street, Bloomington; (812) 856-0451
Professional Interests: Policy advocacy, government-business relations, competition policy, trademark and patent law
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     Former Visitors and Postdoctoral FellowsTOP
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Assistant Director
Roy Hooper (胡鹏)
1126 Eigenmann Hall; (812) 856-0451
Fiscal Officer
Deb Speer
Goodbody Hall 248; (812) 855-5339
IT Specialist
Wu Hsiao-Wen (吴晓雯)
Eigenmann Hall 1124; (812) 856-0451
     Former Staff TOP
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     Academic Advisory BoardTOP
  Bruce Dickson
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
George Washington University
  Tom Gold
Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of International and Area Studies
University of California, Berkeley
Executive Director, Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies
Tsinghua University
  Harry Harding
Dean, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
University of Virginia
  Barry Naughton
Professor of Chinese Economy
School of International and Pacific Studies
University of California, San Diego
  Margaret Pearson
Professor of Government and Politics
University of Maryland
  Wang Yong (王勇)
Director, Peking University Research Center on International Political Economy
Peking University
     Corporate Advisory BoardTOP
  Mark Duval
American Chamber of Commerce in China
  Hu Shuli
Caixin Media & Caixin Century Weekly
School of Communication & Design 
Sun Yat-sen University 
Mat Orrego
President and CEO
Cornerstone Information Systems
  Scott Palmer
Sheppard Mullin
  Benjamin Shobert
Founder & Managing Director
Rubicon Strategy Group
  Zhang Faming (张发明)
Waterstone Pharmaceuticals
Chief Business Officer
Crown Biosciences
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