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  April 9, 2014

Initiative on Philanthropy sends students to intern in China

Three students will be sent to intern with philanthropic organizations across China this summer as part of the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business’s joint Initiative on Philanthropy in China. Provided with full funding, the program places students with a foundation, NGO, or corporate social responsibility office for 2 months, where they work 30-40 hours per week. The internship program is slated to continue for the duration of the Initiative on Philanthropy, sending further interns to Chinese organizations during the summers of 2015 and 2016.

stewartThe three students participating in the program this year include one graduate student from IUPUI and two undergraduates from IU Bloomington. Geoff Stewart, an IU Bloomington sophomore majoring in East Asian languages & cultures and economics, will work with Mercy Corps in Chengdu. Having travelled to China in the past, Geoff explains that he is excited to gain a new perspective through work in China’s philanthropic community. “I’m interested in philanthropy broadly, and I plan to connect this experience with my study of economics and development,” says Geoff.

McCarthyKelly McCarthy is a junior at IUB majoring in political science and accelerated Mandarin Chinese. She will work with the China Development Brief in Beijing, where her personal goal is to understand what it means to be an NGO in China and how that connects to politics. “This opportunity is really exciting,” says Kelly, “Before taking the course on philanthropy in China I had never thought about the topic in an academic or meaningful way, now I am very interested in the development of civil society.”

lingIUPUI graduate student Tao Ling will join Kelly and Geoff, working with Cummins China’s Government Affairs and Corporate Responsibility office in Beijing. Tao Ling is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in sociology and hopes to use this experience to compare charitable organizations in the US and China. “I am currently considering pursuing a Ph.D.,” explains Tao Ling “and this is an excellent opportunity for me to collect experiences that will support my academic writing.”

Internship awardees were selected from eligible students attending the US’s first university course entirely dedicated to philanthropy in China. Students from IU’s Bloomington campus and the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis have jointly attended the simultaneously broadcasted course, taught by Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Director of International Programs Angela Bies and RCCPB Director Scott Kennedy.

LuceThe three-year Initiative on Philanthropy in China includes in-depth scholarly research by a team of experts from the US and China, a series of workshops and conferences, publication and dissemination of research findings, and on-the-ground learning opportunities for IU students. The initiative will also learn by doing, carrying out its own philanthropic endeavor in China that addresses a challenge facing Chinese society. The Initiative on Philanthropy in China is funded with generous support from the Ford Foundation, the Henry Luce Foundation, and Indiana University. The internship itself is funded by the Henry Luce Foundation. Advisors on the initiative include the Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute and the China Foundation Center.

About the Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business (RCCPB)

Founded in 2007, the IU Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business provides thought leadership on issues that meet at the intersection of Chinese politics and the global world of business. With offices in Indiana and Beijing, the Center breaks down traditional boundaries by bringing together scholars from multiple disciplines and by building bridges between universities, stakeholders, and policymakers in the United States, China, and beyond. For more information about the Initiative on Philanthropy in China, see here.

The IU Philanthropy in China Internship Program

Co-managed by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at IUPUI and the Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business (RCCPB) at IU-Bloomington, this internship program places two students each year in 6-8 week summer internships with a foundation or non-governmental organization in China. The program provides funding for travel, residence, and a small stipend.

Ideal applicants will have training in Mandarin Chinese, knowledge of contemporary China, and previous experience with volunteering and philanthropy, and an ability to work independently and in groups. In addition, only IU-Bloomington and IUPUI students who take the course Philanthropy in China (E350/E505/PHST-P530) are eligible to apply for the program. Students accepted into the program must work for 6-8 weeks as well as complete a writing assignment in order to receive IU credit for the experience. 

Please contact the LFSP and RCCPB for more information.

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