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Initiative on China and Global Governance




Purpose. Globalization has created an interdependent world, but the development of institutions and processes to manage this transformation has not kept apace. Governance in trade is relatively mature but still far from adequate. There is a much wider governance gap in other areas, including finance, competition policy, the environment, and energy. These challenges are intensified by China’s economic development and its integration into the global economy. On the one hand, Chinese officials, companies, and other stakeholders have been learning how to integrate into and more effectively participate in international organizations; and hence, China is moving from being a rule-taker to a rule-maker. On the other hand, the leadership of these institutions and the major powers, including the United States, are themselves coping with and adapting to a more vigorous and assertive China.

The purpose of this three-year initiative, carried out with support from the Henry Luce Foundation, is to more fully understand the extent and significance of Chinese involvement in the major areas of economic global governance and promote greater engagement and cooperation among governments, industry, other stakeholders, and scholars from the US, China, Europe and elsewhere. The resulting research, conferences, publications and outreach will build our empirical and theoretical knowledge, improve the capacity of Chinese, American, and other actors to be constructive participants in global governance, and create a stronger foundation for the two countries to cooperatively address problems fundamental to the well-being of people around the world.

Research. The initiative is supporting empirical research on 30 projects across a wide range of international economic regimes which together form a web of global governance, including trade, finance, investment, intellectual property rights, competition policy, technical standards, the environment, foreign aid, energy, public health, and technical standards. Rather than measuring compliance, projects focus primarily on how effective China has been and the implications for international cooperation and global governance institutions more generally.

Strategic Partners. The RCCPB is proud to have three strategic partners for this initiative: the China Institute for WTO Studies at the University of International Business & Economics in Beijing, the Institute for Social Sciences at the University of Tokyo, and the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva.

Conferences. There are four scholarly conferences as part of the initiative: 1) Workshop on China and Global Governance, Beijing, July 24-25, 2010; 2) The 10th Anniversary of China’s WTO Entry, Beijing, October 2011; 3) Conference on China and Global Governance, Bloomington, Indiana, March 2012; and 4) Symposium on China and Global Governance: Policy Implications, Geneva, Spring 2013.


Dialogue Groups. The Chinese Industry-American Government Roundtable Series, held 3-4 times annually, brings together Chinese business leaders and American officials in a private setting to discuss issues central to the US-China relationship and to the global economy. The Global Governance Dialogue Group brings together experts and officials to discuss critical policy issues central to China’s growing role in global governance institutions.
Visiting Scholars. The RCCPB will host visiting scholars in its Bloomington, Indiana, and Beijing, China offices, for short visits of two weeks to a month to facilitate research, collaboration, writing, and public presentations.

Publications. All of the participants in the initiative will contribute working papers to the RCCPB. They will all be published in English as well as have Chinese abstracts. A select number will be revised and published in top-tier scholarly journals and an edited volume from a leading American academic press. The RCCPB, in coordination with our strategic partners, also issue policy reports, commentaries, and other documents, in both English and Chinese.

Web Outreach. Beginning in mid-2011, the RCCPB will launch a bilingual website on China and global governance which will contain: 1) A password-protected section for initiative participants to share information and data; 2) Announcements about our meetings and other relevant gatherings; 3) Related publications by initiative participants to the extent permitted by copyright law; and 4) News reports and commentary by others.





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