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• Edwin Way and Scott Kennedy, " Conference Proceedings for the Workshop on China & Global Governance," Indiana University Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business, October 12,2010. Full Text


Current Projects

General Global Governance
Cheng Dawei, Renmin University
An Empirical Study on the Endogenous Factors Affecting China's Industrial Diplomacy: Antidumping as a Case Study

Scott Kennedy, Indiana University
Global Governance Ambassadors: The Case of China

Scott Kennedy, Indiana University
The Rigid Status-Quo Power: China and Global Governance

James McGann, University of Pennsylvania
Chinese Think Tanks and Global Governance

Zhang Hanlin, University of International Business & Economics
An Examination of China’s “Harmonious World” Policy


• The World Trade Organization
Rorden Wilkinson, University of Manchester, and James Scott, University of Manchester
China and the World Trade Organization

Tu Xinquan, University of International Business & Economics
The Political Economy of China’s Access to the Government Procurement Agreement

Wang Xiaodong, World Trade Organization Secretariat
China's Status and Influence in the Multilateral Trading System

Wang Yong, Peking University
Being in the WTO for 10 Years: China’s Learning Experience and Growing Confidence

Yang Rongzhen, University of International Business & Economics
China’s Participation in the Trade Policy Review Process


• Trade Remedies
Li Chunding, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Politics & Economics
Antidumping Shocks and the Productivity Response of Chinese Industries

Edwin Way, Indiana University, and Scott Kennedy, Indiana University
Capitalizing on Victory: The Economic Consequences of Antidumping Verdicts

Zhao Shuang, Indiana University, and Scott Kennedy, Indiana University
A Thousand Small Steps: China’s Pursuit of Market Economy Status


• Free Trade Agreements
Li Luosha, China Society for WTO Studies
A New Model for Global Governance: Mutual Benefit of the WTO and FTAs

Junji Nakagawa, University of Tokyo, and Wei Liang, Monterey Institute of International Studies
A Comparison of the FTA Strategies of China and Japan and Their Implications for Multilateralism


• Investment and Finance
Li Quan, Texas A&M University
International Politics and China’s Foreign Direct Investments

Ren Xiao, Fudan University
A Reform-Minded Status-Quo Power? China, the G20, and Changes in the International Monetary System

Bruce Reynolds, University of Virginia, and Susan K. Sell, George Washington University
China’s Participation in Global Governance: Exchange Rates and Intellectual Property

Wang Xiaoqiong, Zhongnan University of Law and Economics
National Security Review of Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions in China: Progress and Reform Challenges


• Rule of Law and Intellectual Property Rights
John Wagner Givens, University of Oxford
Laowai Suing Dragons: Foreign Plaintiffs in Chinese Administrative Litigation

Lan Rongjie, Zhejiang University
Court Administration and Intellectual Property Rights Litigation in China


• Public Health and Labor
Tim Bartley, Indiana University, and Zhang Lu, Johns Hopkins University
Deciphering the “Black Box”: Transnational Private Certification of Labor Standards in China

Gong Xiangqian, Beijing Institute of Technology
Chinese NGO’s and Global Health Governance

Huang Yanzhong, Seton Hall University and the Council on Foreign Relations
China and Global Health Governance


• Foreign Aid
Cheng Shuaihua, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
China’s International Aid Policy and Its Implications for Global Governance

Xu Jiajun, University of Oxford
The Anatomy of China’s Influence on the International Development Finance System

Katherine Morton, Australian National University
China’s Emerging Role in the Global Governance of Food Security


• The Environment and Technology Policy
Charles Roger, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Thomas Hale, Princeton University
Transnational Climate Governance in China

Wang Xuedong, Sun Yat-sen University, Cai Tuo, Chinese University of Politcs & Law, Liu Zhenye, Chinese University of Politics & Law, and Lu Xiaoli, Beijing Normal University
China’s Participation in Global Governance on Climate Mitigation: The Influence of Epistemic Communities on the Policymaking Process

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz  and Joachim Monkelbaan, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
China’s Role in a Sustainable Energy Agreement: A Global Governance Perspective





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