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Day 1: Wednesday, April 15
Expanding US-Chinese Business Cooperation in the Current Economic Climate

University Place Conference Center
850 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis

7:45-8:30     Registration
8:30-9:45     Panel 1: Setting the Scene

Scott Kennedy, Director, Research Center for Chinese Politics &
    Business, Indiana University
Michael McRobbie, President, Indiana University
Yang Wei, President, Zhejiang University
Barbara Flynn, Director, Center for International Business Education &
    Research, Indiana University
Mat Orrego, President and CEO, Cornerstone Information Systems
Huang Ping, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in
Gregory Ballard, Mayor, City of Indianapolis

9:45-10:00    Coffee Break
10:00-11:45  Panel 2: Success Stories of Chinese and American
Topics: Explaining success, learning from failure, turning good ideas into a business, finding and managing talent, going international, responding to challenging economic times.

Chair: Donald F. Kuratko, Director, Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship &
    Innovation, Indiana University
Michael Furst, Managing Director & CEO, New Garden Educational Group
Vincent Mo, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Soufun Holdings
Ling Lanfang, Chairman of the Board, Silk Road Group
Jim Pearson, President and CEO, Nico

Sandy Wai-Yan Chau
, Managing Director, Acorn Campus Ventures
Wang Zhongming, Executive Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of


11:45-1:15    Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Michael Barbalas, President, American Chamber of
    Commerce in China
Introduction by Ron Gifford, President & CEO, The Indy Partnership

1:15-2:40       Panel 3: Emerging Business Opportunities with China
Topics: Priority sectors and regions for foreign investment in China, motivations for Chinese outward equity and portfolio investment, the record of Chinese companies in the US, alternative financing options, how to quickly move up the learning curve of doing business with China.

Chair: Benjamin Shobert, Managing Director, Teleos
Dennis Kelley, President, Pacific World Trade
Stephen Sterrett, Chief Financial Officer, Simon Property Group
Daniel Brindle, Director of Corporate Affairs, Intercontinental Region and
    Japan, Eli Lilly
Faming Zhang, President, Crown Bioscience
Po Chi Wu, Managing Director, DragonBridge Capital
Dan Li, Assistant Professor, Indiana University Kelley School of Business

2:40-3:55       Panel 4: Challenges and Obstacles to Business Cooperation
Topics: Inadequate protection of property rights, enforcing contracts, limited access to capital, human resource constraints, supply chain management difficulties, unfair competitive practices, corruption, trade and investment protectionism, anti-foreign public sentiment.

Chair: Anne Tsui, Professor, Arizona State University
Angella Castille, Partner, Baker & Daniels
Li Youxing, Professor, Zhejiang University School of Law
Xiande Zhao, Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hou Hong, Chair of the Board, Shaanxi Tri Ring Corporation
Scott Kennedy, Director, RCCPB, Indiana University

3:55-4:10       Coffee Break
4:10-5:15       Panel 5: Regional Strategies for Supporting Cooperation
Topics: How regional authorities and associations can help industry while avoiding protectionism, how to facilitate inter-regional collaboration, and how to make international business cooperation also benefit workers and the environment.

Chair: John Rogers, President, Midwest US-China Association

Stephen Akard, Director of International Development, Indiana Economic
    Development Corp.
Fred Armstrong, Mayor, Columbus, Indiana
Roy Budd, Executive Director, Energize-ECI
Cao Zhenghan, Professor, Zhejiang University School of Economics

5:15-6:00       Panel 6: Briefing on US-China Relations

Keynote Speaker: Daniel Wright, Stonebridge International (former
    Managing Director for China and the US-China Strategic Economic
    Dialogue, U.S. Treasury Department)

6:00-7:00       Reception

7:15-9:00       Dinner (by invitation)     

Host: Michael McRobbie, President, Indiana University  

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3

Day 2: Thursday, April 16
Entrepreneurship and US-China Business Cooperation

Alumni Hall, 1st Floor, Indiana Memorial Union
900 East 7th Street, Bloomington

7:45-8:30       Registration

8:30-8:50       Welcoming Remarks

Patrick O’Meara, Vice President for International Affairs, Indiana University

8:50-10:20     Panel 7: Regional Entrepreneurship Patterns

Chair: Michael Barbalas, President, American Chamber of Commerce in

Regional Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in China
    Wei Longbao, Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of Management

Regional Models of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Change Strategies
    in China

    Wang Zhongming, Executive Associate Dean, Zhejiang University
    School of Management

To Seize the Initiative in Economic Growth: The Transition of Chinese Local
    Governments from Managing Enterprises to Managing Administrative Areas

    Cao Zhenghan, Professor, Zhejiang University

Commentator: Ryan Hou, CEO, LHP; and Deputy Mayor, Columbus, Indiana

10:20-10:30   Coffee Break

10:30-11:45   Panel 8: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chair: Anne Tsui, Professor, Arizona State University

Family Firms, Corporate Governance and Performance: Evidence from

    Chen Ling, Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of Economics

Entrepreneurship and the Olympics
    Marc Dollinger,Professor, Indiana University

Business Model Innovation in China
    Wu Xiaobo, Professor, Zhejiang University

CSR in China: Awareness and Challenges
    Chen Xudong, Zhejiang University

Commentator: Mat Orrego, President & CEO, Cornerstone Information

12:00-1:30    Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Jim Zukin, Senior Managing Director, Houlihan, Lokey,
    Howard & Zukin
“The Great Unwind and Its Impact on China”

1:30-3:00       Panel 9: Business Between Globalization and Protectionism

Chair: Daniel Wright, Senior Vice President, Stonebridge International

Supply Chain Management and Product Recalls in China
    Barb Flynn, Director, CIBER, Indiana University, and Xiande Zhao,     Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Outward Foreign Investment of Chinese Firms
    Marjorie Lyles, Professor, and Dan Li, Assistant Professor, Indiana     University

Trade Policy and Innovation
    Song Huasheng, Professor, Zhejiang University

Commentator: Wang Qiuning, General Manager, Ningguo Anning Textiles
    Co., Ltd.

3:00–3:15      Coffee Break

3:15-4:45       Panel 10: The Legal and Political Environment for Business in
                        the US and China

Chair: Lauren Robel, Dean, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University

Comparing the Legal Issues Related to Raising Capital in the United States
    and China

    Li Youxing, Zhejiang University

Comparing Investor/Owner Rights in the US and China
    Liang Shangshang, Zhejiang University

Corporate Political Activity in China and the United States
    Scott Kennedy, Indiana University

Commentators: Kevin Collins, Associate Professor, Indiana University;
    Leng Shuai, Deheng Law Firm

6:00-8:30       Reception and Dinner (by invitation)

Location: Federal Room, Indiana Memorial Union
Keynote Conversation: With Po Chi Wu, Managing Director, DragonBridge

Host: Donald F. Kuratko, Director, Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship
    & Innovation, Indiana University

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3

Day 3: Friday, April 17
Cooperative Programs

8:30-1:00        Program 1: Entrepreneurship Law Clinic Workshop

Room 121, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University-Bloomington
211 South Indiana Avenue, Bloomington

Topics: Learn how IU’s entrepreneurship law clinic provides critical services to start-ups, meet the clinic’s staff and satisfied clients, learn about Zhejiang University Guanghua School of Law’s effort to develop similar services for its community, and discuss plans for cooperating on providing joint legal services for American and Chinese companies engaging in international trade and investment.

Tim Boeglin, J.D., Founding Director, Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
Travis Brown, Entrepreneurial Innovations Manager, Johnson Center for
    Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Indiana University
Randy Arnold, Manager, Indiana University Proteomics Facility
Kenton Moorhead, Intern, Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic, IU
    Proteomics Facility
Li Youxing, Professor, Zhejiang University Guanghua School of Law

8:15-4:00        Program 2: Industry Tour

Host: Bill Stephan, Vice President for Engagement, Indiana University

Indepth tour of leading companies in central Indiana. Non-local participants will visit  Cook Pharmica (Bloomington), Cummins (Columbus), and FedEx Express (Indianapolis). Participants from Indiana will visit Cook Pharmica. Registered participants should meet in the lobby of the Biddle Hotel, Indiana Memorial Union, 900 E. Seventh St., Bloomington, at 8:00 am.

2:00-3:00        Program 3: Meet Vincent Mo
           Room CG 1050, Kelley School of Business, 1275 E. 10th St., Bloomington
           Vincent Mo is Chairman of the Board and CEO of SouFun
               Holdings Limited, China’s largest online real estate market
               resource. He received his Master's from IU's Department of