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About the Initiative

This program is part of the Initiative in Entrepreneurship and US-China Business Cooperation undertaken by IU’s Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business (RCCPB).

The purpose of this three-year initiative is to examine the evolving behavior of American and Chinese entrepreneurs and the environment in which they operate, provide opportunities for mutual learning and partnership, and build bridges between entrepreneurs and policymakers in the United States and China. The initiative combines interdisciplinary research by American and Chinese scholars, conferences in China and Indiana, legal counseling to entrepreneurs, publications in academic and industry outlets, and facilitating the interaction of American and Chinese entrepreneurs, scholars, and public officials. 

The core of the initiative is research by RCCPB senior associates and faculty from Zhejiang University’s Schools of Management, Economics, and Law. We also aim to attract research involvement from scholars at other leading universities and institutes in the United States, China, and elsewhere.

The initiative is proceeding in several stages:

  • Spring 2009: “US-China Business Cooperation in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs.”
  • Summer 2009 - Spring 2010: Additional research by participating scholars
  • May 2010: Multi-faceted program in China combining a conference, entrepreneurship law clinic workshop, and industry tour.
  • Summer 2010 - Fall 2011: Additional research, followed by publications in academic journals and industry media, and further outreach to the American and Chinese business and policymaking communities.
Founded in February 2007, the RCCPB is dedicated to bringing greater attention to issues that meet at the intersection of Chinese politics and the business world. The Center emphasizes breaking traditional boundaries by bringing together scholars from across disciplines and building bridges between academia, the business community, and policymakers in the United States, China, and elsewhere. The Center is currently engaged in three initiatives: Entrepreneurship and US-China Business Coooperation, Economic Regulation and Lawmaking in China, and China and Global Governance.
The RCCPB welcomes the involvement and support in this and other initiative from scholars, the private sector, foundations, and government agencies who share our goals. For more information, visit the Center’s website, at, or contact Scott Kennedy, RCCPB Director, at
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