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Indiana University

Day-2 Conference Papers

Panel 7: Regional Entrepreneurship Patterns

Regional Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in China
    Wei Longbao, Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of Management

Regional Models of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Change Strategies in China
    Wang Zhongming, Executive Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of

To Seize the Initiative in Economic Growth: The Transition of Chinese Local Governments
    from Managing Enterprises to Managing Administrative Areas

    Cao Zhenghan, Professor, Zhejiang University


Panel 8: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Family Firms, Corporate Governance and Performance: Evidence from

    Chen Ling, Associate Dean, Zhejiang University School of Economics

Entrepreneurship and the Olympics
    Marc Dollinger,Professor, Indiana University

Business Model Innovation in China
    Wu Xiaobo, Professor, Zhejiang University

CSR in China: Awareness and Challenges
    Chen Xudong, Zhejiang University


Panel 9: Business Between Globalization and Protectionism

Supply Chain Management and Product Recalls in China
    Barb Flynn, Director, CIBER, Indiana University, and Xiande Zhao, Professor, Chinese
    University of Hong Kong

Outward Foreign Investment of Chinese Firms
    Marjorie Lyles, Professor, and Dan Li, Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Trade Policy and Innovation
    Song Huasheng, Professor, Zhejiang University


Panel 10: The Legal and Political Environment for Business in the US and

Comparing the Legal Issues Related to Raising Capital in the United States and China
    Li Youxing, Zhejiang University

Comparing Investor/Owner Rights in the US and China (Chinese version, 中文版)
    Liang Shangshang, Zhejiang University

Corporate Political Activity in China and the United States
    Scott Kennedy, Indiana University

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