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Director's Message

Dr. Kenney

Sarah Phillips
Director of REEI and Professor of Anthropology


This is an exciting time in the history of international affairs. The peoples of the former Soviet Union, East Central and Southeastern Europe are redefining themselves as nations, struggling to build enterprises that can compete in the global economy, and freely contributing their creative talents to the world of art and culture. The countries of East Central Europe and the Baltics have recently entered the European Union and are operating within an entirely new economic and political context. As members of NATO, these states are also playing an increasingly visible and significant role in international security matters, from Bosnia to Afghanistan. At REEI we follow these developments closely and assist students in acquiring the languages, analytical tools, and basic knowledge they need to succeed in this area of study. Like many of our students, you may have spent some time in the region, studying, touring, serving in the military, or working as a Peace Corps volunteer or for a multinational organization. The REEI degree will give you the additional academic, linguistic, and professional qualifications you need to build a successful career in government, academia, business, or the non-profit sector. If you have not been to the region and have until now been studying the languages and cultures of the area here in the United States, REEI offers opportunities to travel, study, and intern abroad in connection with your study program.

The information on our website will answer many of your questions about our graduate degree programs and application procedures. We are happy to respond to any other questions you may have. You may contact us by phone or e-mail. Best of all would be a personal meeting at Indiana University, if you have an opportunity to visit Bloomington. We can show you around our beautiful campus, introduce you to students and faculty members, and discuss in detail your plans for study and career.


Sarah Phillips