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Study of the history, language, and culture of Romania has been part of the Indiana University curriculum for East European studies since the early 1950s. In its Russian and East European Institute (REEI) and Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures, Indiana University offers: one of the largest concentrations of Romanian studies specialists in the United States; three years of language instruction during the academic year and a summer intensive language program; library resources sufficient to support advanced research in Romanian studies; strong relationships with Romanian institutions of higher learning; and regular international conferences on Romanian topics.

Library Resources

Indiana University's Romanian collection is among the top four at university libraries in the United States. The Indiana University Main Library has more than 15,000 volumes in the Romanian language, the richest areas being philology (over 5,000 volumes) and history (over 3,000 volumes), with many holdings in statistics, politics, and general periodicals. These works are supported by strong holdings for East European studies, such as our complete holdings of Foreign Broadcast Information Service: Daily Reports, Eastern Europe, the Joint Publications Research Service East Europe publications, and all of the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty materials. Important recent additions include microfilm of the newspaper Universul, 1918-1959, and Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of Romania, 1945-1959. The IU Libraries maintain exchanges with the university libraries in Cluj and Bucharest and with the Romanian National Library.
Indiana University's Moldovan Collection is growing in the broader context of the Slavic and East European collection’s efforts to support Indiana University's growing academic interest in the small post-communist nations. Currently it consists of about 1,700 titles, including about 45 serials, 1,500 vernacular monographs (about 75% of which are in Russian), and a little over 100 English monographs.

REEI has area related films and other materials for loan.


More information about IU- sponsored and non-IU programs can be found on the Overseas Study page.

Romanian Studies Organization

The Romanian Studies Organization brings together students across campus with an interest in Romania. They are the driving force behind IU’s Annual Romanian Studies Conference. For more information on this organization and their conference, contact

Language Study

IU regularly offers Romanian language instruction during the academic year and in the summer. For more information on upcoming language and content classes, see the Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures for academic year opportunities and SWSEEL: The Summer Language Workshop for summer opportunities.

Romanian Studies Conference

Romanian Visiting Fulbright Researcher at the University of Cincinnati, Daniela Calciu, attended the 2013 Romanian Studies Conference. Read more about it here!

REEI and the Romanian Studies Organization host the Annual Romanian Studies Conference for graduate students and recent PhDs in the humanities and social sciences.
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