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Indiana University is deeply committed to the study of the language, history, politics, and culture of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora. Ukrainian studies is taught in IU's Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures with support from the Russian and East European Institute (REEI), a U.S. Department of Education funded Title VI national resource center. The program offers: a concentration of East European studies specialists; instruction in Ukrainian language; and library resources sufficient to support advanced research in Ukrainian studies.

Library Resources

Indiana University's Ukrainian collection is among the top five at university libraries in the United States. The overall figure for the Ukrainian collection is unknown, since it has been traditionally counted with the other Soviet materials. However, it has been determined that there are 8,850 volumes in Ukrainian literature and 5,510 in history, for a total of 14,360 in those areas. In all I.U. has 16,800 volumes in Ukrainian. These works are supported by strong holdings for East European studies, such as our complete holdings of Foreign Broadcast Information Service: Daily Reports, Eastern Europe, the Joint Publications Research Service East Europe publications, and all of the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty materials.
Special library holdings include: Great Ukrainian Women Artists (1998), a catalog of an exhibition of a group of Ukrainian women artists organized by The International Women's Club of Kyiv; Kyiv—Historical Encyclopedia From Ancient Times to 1917 (2000), the English-language and the Russian/Ukrainian-language versions of this encyclopedia dedicated to the history of Kiev from the time of the first settlements to 1917. The CD contains over 2700 entries on the historical events and monuments, buildings, inhabitants and visitors to the city.  There are numerous overview essays introducing the reader to the various aspects of the city life in Kiev. There are also over 2700 illustrations and over 100 maps. Keyword and subject searching is available. There is also a detailed chronological table; Kyiv—Istorichna Entsiklopedia 1917-2000 (2002), the second part of the encyclopedia covering the modern history of Kiev is available only in Ukrainian.

REEI has area related films and other materials for loan.


the University of Kansas’ multiple summer programs in L’viv, Ukraine.
More information about IU- sponsored and non-IU programs can be found on the Overseas Study page.

Ukrainian Studies Organization

Guest lecturers in the area of Ukraine include prominent scholars, writers, and political figures. Ukrainian coffee hour convenes every week at a local cafe for students of the language to practice conversation with native-speakers. The Ukrainian coffee hour is sponsored by the Ukrainian Studies Organization. To learn more about the Organization, its activities, and students who are involved in Ukrainian studies, please read the February or April 2007 issues of the REEIfication newsletter.

Language Study

IU is able to offer Ukrainian language instruction during the academic year. For more information on upcoming language and content classes, see the Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures for academic year opportunities and SWSEEL: The Summer Language Workshop for summer opportunities.

Links to other Ukrainian programs, organizations, and universities: