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All MA Essays are available for review. Please see Elliott Nowacky in the Global and International Studies Building, Fourth Floor to check one out. MA students have defended over 200 Essays since 1987.

The following table is sortable by date, author, title, region/country, and topic. To sort the table, please click on a heading.

Date Author Title Region/Country Topic


Mueller, Rebecca

Mental Health Reform and Postsocialism in Albania


Public Health


Suhr, Zackary

Between Europe and Holy Rus: The Russian Orthodox Church’s Framing of the Ukraine Crisis




Durham, Geoffrey

“The Ukrainian ‘i’ on Soviet Life: Dissident Autobiography after Stalin




Holyfield, Bryan

A Cultural Uniform?: Secondary Education and School Culture in Late Imperial Russia




Morris, Stephanie

Bridging the Gap: Estonian Integration Policy and Information Space as Depicted in Estonian Russian-Language Online News Portals


Civil Society


Norweg, Kyle

Europe’s Environment: Nature’s Role in the Future Integration of the Western Balkans

Balkan peninsula



Tomlinson, Elizabeth

Russian and Ukrainian Protests in Context: Participation and Politicized Internet Use




Griffith, Jodi

Czech Republic's 'Post-Kundera' Generation of Writers

Czech Republic



Ans, Aleksanders

Against Overwhelming Odds: A comparison of the Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian post-war anti-Soviet guerilla movements


Political/ Civil Society/ Historical


Kay, Hannah

Revolutionary Road: Georgia’s Difficult Path from Independence to a Functioning Market Economy


Business/ Economic


Cleary, Connor

Russian Geo-Political Strategy and Russia’s Reorientation Towards China as a Destination for Russian Natural Gas Exports: A Sign of Russian Disengagements with the European Union?


Politics/ Geography


Smith, Damon

Reforming Natural Gas Subsidies and Regulatory Institutional Capacity to Promote Political Sovereignty, Energy Efficiency, and Domestic Production in Ukraine


Civil Society/ Politics


Lostroscio, Kelly

FDI and MNEs in Croatia: Maximizing Benefits from EU Accession and Spurring Economic Development




Semivolos, Antonina

One Country, Two Languages: Evolution of Language Preference in Ukraine


Civil Society


Arays, Anna

Revolution in Reverse: Early Printing and Manuscript Practices in Russia as Agents of Change


Civil Society


White, Adam

Through the Eyes of History: Understanding Russian Policy Toward Islamic Populations




Flynn, Christian

Russian and Baltic Media Representations of the Russian-Speaking Minority Populations of Estonia: Conflicting Memories Following the Bronze Soldier Affair


Civil Society


Jensen, Peter

Politicizing History, Defining the Nation: The tendentious historiography of the Tatars in Russian textbooks




Leid, Leonard

“Chestinunea Ţărănească” The Peasant Question in Romania’s Quest for Rural Development and Food Security




DeCell, Crystal

Heritage, Mining and Economic Development at Roşiă Montană




Lipschultz, Elizabeth

Beyond the Republic: Gagauz National Identity on


Civil Society/Technology


Kellogg, Austin

Microfinance for Redevelopment in Bosnia: A Mikro Aldi Case Study




Storm, Karli-Jo

Language as a Source of Political Instability: Georgia's Use of Language as a Nation-Building Tool and Its Implications for the Ethnic Azeri Minority


Political/Civil Society


Adams, Eric

Finland's Search for Security: The NATO Question 20 Years after the Cold War




Karanovich, Ian

The Failure of Constitutional Reform Efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovena: The Failure of a State?"

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Perry, R. Craig

Competing Views: Security Cooperation and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Central Asia



Young, Emily

Alt-SHIFT: Queer Online Discourses on Coming Out in Serbia




Bonds, Charles

Aleksandr Esenin-Vol’pin and History: Toward a Discursive Historiography of a Historical Somebody



2012/09 Naylor, Jeff Small Business Ownership and Employment in Russia Russia Business/
Civil Society
2012/09 Joeriman, James Potemkin or Corporatists Civil Society? Public Chambers in Russia and Ukraine Russia/Ukraine Civil Society
2012/08 Vincz, Jason Black Monastery and The Forest of the Hanged: Representations of Collective Identity in the Transylvanian Literature of World War One Hungary/Romania Cultural
2012/05 Wilson, April Framing in the Human Rights Context: Media Repression & Kazakhstan's 2010 OSCE Chairmanship Kazakhstan Civil Society
2012/05 Kelly, Zachary Food in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature as Novelistic Device and Ethnographic Evidence: Understanding Food Culture through Gogol, Goncharov, Aksakov, and Chernyshevsky Russia Literature
2012/05 Browndorf, Margaret The Physical Legacy of Soviet Library Design: Perspectives on Space, Information Access, and Civic Development in Ukrainian Public Libraries Ukraine Library
2012/05 Plantan, Elizabeth Protecting Cultural Heritage: Unexpected Successes for Environmental Movements in China and Russia Russia/China Environmental
2012/05 Reinhold, H. Blake Reexamining the Soviet Union's Decision to Invade Afghanistan Soviet Union/Afghanistan Political
2012/01 White, MeghanShadows of the Civil War: Perceptions of Democracy in Tajikistan Tajikistan Political
2011/12Bueva, OliaPictures from the Margins: Disability and Difference in Post-Socialist Art RussiaCultural
2011/12Anderson, PaulOrthodoxy, Putin and the Revival of the National Idea Russia Social/Cultural
2011/12McVey, Robert, Jr.Russian Elite Approaches towards Foreign Policy: Implications for the U.S. Military Cooperation in Central Asia RussiaMilitary
2011/12Mitchell, KristopherThe Role of Serbia in Russia’s Dual Track Foreign Policy Russia/SerbiaMilitary
2010/09Do, Dan Tam ThiSinging and playing in a people’s state: folk music at the intersection of culture and politics in the Russian SFSR and Czechoslovakia Russia / CzechoslovakiaCultural
2011/08Pruess, Katherine"For Militant Soviet Satire!": Krokodil and Soviet Cultured Consumption, 1945-1951 Russia Cultural
2010/08Hodgson, KaraFrom Red to Green: Transitions Towards Sustainable Forest Land Use in Northwestern Russia, 1993-2007 Russia/FinlandEnvironmental/
2010/07Hall, AndrewPrisoners of the Caucasus: Chechnya, Dagestan and the Path to Secession, 1990-1999Russia/CaucasusPolitical
2010/07Classen, JustinA Secret Power: American Multinationals and the Construction of Greater Romania, 1919-1926 RomaniaEconomic
2010/05McIntyre, KristenThe Importance of Informal Networks in Putin’s RussiaRussia Political/Cultural
2010/05 Butt, Lauren Authentic Bosnia: (Re)constructing Nostalgia in Post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Historical / Cultural
2010/05 Napelenok, Yuriy "Together we are many": Popular Music and Public Participation in Ukraine Ukraine Cultural / Political
2009/08 Bedford, Amy The Chechen Conflict and the Model of Tatarstan Russia Historical
2009/05 Evans, Jennifer Naturally Maturing: A Discussion of Turgenev's Use of Nature as a Backdrop to his Characters' Maturation in Fathers and Sons Russia Literature
2009/05 Kilgore, Ryan The Shtetl and Jewish Resettlement in Soviet Cinema of the Interwar Period Soviet Union Historical
2009/05 Stewart, Jeremy Exploring the Impact of Corruption on Foreign Direct Investment in Eastern Europe: Romania and Hungary as Case Studies Romania / Hungary Business
2009/04 Kleehammer, Joel The Return of Jewish Communal Property Seized by the Soviets in Ukraine Ukraine Cultural
2009/04 Stira, David Remembering the Baltic Deportations Baltics Life Stories
2009/01 Vranian, Robert Benjamin Georgia's Westward Aims and Russia's Efforts to Prevent the Realization of These Aims Georgia Political
2009/12 Bloom, Joshua The Anti-Totalitarian Art of Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Prigov Russia Cultural / Political
2009/10 Bernstein, Leigh Aleksandra Marinina: Feminist Stirrings in the Russian Detective Novel of the 1990s Russia Literature
2009/10 Biebuyck, Erin The Collectivization of Pleasure: Normative Sexuality in Post-1966 Romania Romania Cultural / Political
2008/11 Luck, Amy The Other Side of Silence: Mentoring Romanian Orphans in Transition Romania Education
2008/08 Raible, Elizabeth Dilemmas of the Projected 2011 Census of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Enumerating Ethnic Cleansing, Refugee Return, and National Identity Bosnia & Herzegovina Political
2008/08 Ruegsegger, Joshua Less Bang for Our Buck: The History, Status, and Future of U.S. Threat Reduction & Nonproliferation Assistance Programs in the Former Soviet Union and the World Soviet Union Political
2008/06 Dietch, Colin Nation and Regime: Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy in Ukraine and Belarus Ukraine / Belarus Political
2008/05 Payne-Holmes, Maren Representations of Women in Polish Solidarity Films Poland Cultural
2008/05 Payne-Holmes, Richard Orange and Denim: National Identity in Ukraine and Belarus Ukraine / Belarus Political
2008/05 Upart, Dmitriy Nuclear Catastrophes and Socioeconomic Ramifications: The Belarus Case Belarus Economic / Social
2008/04 Belden, Laura The Art of Survival: Life and Work in the Soviet Gulag Soviet Union Historical
2008/04 Beyer, Brant The Szeklers and the European Union: The European Influence on Ethnic Politics in Romania Romania Political
2008/04 Burlingame, Patrick Amending the Hungarian Tax Code: Implications for Flat Tax Reform with Regards to the Recent Flat Tax Movement in East Europe Hungary Business
2008/04 Lanzillotti, Ian The Foundations of North Caucasian National Consciousness: Soviet Nationality Policies in the North Caucasus during the Early Period of Nativization (1920-1927) Caucasus Historical
2008/02 Hernandez, Manuel Jesus Lopez Resigned to their Fate: Uzbekistan, Uzbeks, and International Labor Migration in the Post-Soviet Era Uzbekistan Economic
2007/12 Otten, Justin Power and Conflict: Economics, Ethno-nationalism, and the State of Security in the Republic of Macedonia since 2001 Macedonia Political
2007/11 Crescente III, Joseph James Performing Post-Sovietness: Verka Serduchka and the Hybridization of Identity in Post-Soviet Ukraine Ukraine Cultural
2007/09 Ringlee, Andrew The Military Gymnazia in Reform Era Russia, 1863-1882 Russia Historical
2007/08 Hinnant, Andrew Will the Last Person to Leave Poland Please Turn Out the Lights? Poland Immigration
2007/05 Mishiwiec, Denise Civil Society Development and Democratization in Azerbaijan: Assessing the Influence of Local NGOs Azerbaijan Civil Society
2007/05 Hylton, Jennifer Perverse Incentives or Good Parenting: The Role of the International Monetary Fund and the European Union in Romania Romania Economic
2007/04 Call, Meagan Inattention or Intention? Ignoring the Roma: An Analysis of Civic Education Curriculum in Romania Romania Education
2007/03 Fogleman, Sarah Education in Transition: The Challenge of Reforming Latvia's School System, 1991-2006 Latvia Education
2007/02 Roberts, Joseph Islamic Radicalism in Central Asia Central Asia Cultural
2006/12 Fitzmaurice, Richard Nonprofit Sector Development in Postcommunist Countries: The Cases of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan / Kyrgyzstan Civil Society
2006/12 Ranson, Courtney Russia and the Color Revolutions Russia Political
2006/05 Burton, Andrew Minority Self-Governance: Minority Representation in Flux for the Hungarian Roma Hungary Political
2006/05 Fitzmaurice (Hockman), Stephanie Conversation Superhighway: The Internet as Public Space in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Telecommunications
2005/09 Tobin, Alice Addressing Human Trafficking in Ukraine: Leadership from the Third Sector and the Primacy of Prevention Ukraine Civil Society
2005/08 Curtis, Matthew C. Petar II Petrovic Njegos and Gjergj Fishta: Composers of National Epics Montenegro / Albania Literature
2005/08 Henderson, Jacquelyn Human Development and Human Rights in Belarus: Key to a More Secure Europe Belarus Civil Society
2005/08 Liptak, Aron The Impact of Educational Corruption on Culture in the Newly Independent States Soviet Union Education
2005/07 Causey, Janel Russian Relics, Remembrance and Reevaluation: The Sale of Alaska and the Legacy of Russian America in Alaska Today Russia Historical
2005/06 Miles, Lyndsay Russo-Georgian Post-Soviet Relations and the Impact of the Rose Revolution Russia / Georgia Political
2005/05 Hudgens, Jonathan Right-Wing Movements in the State and Civil Society in Post-Soviet Russia: Implications for Democracy Russia Civil Society
2005/04 Gipson, Neil HIV/AIDS Threatens Russia's Economy, Security and Stability Russia Health Policy
2005/04 Hart, Philip Red Dusk? The Defeat of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the 2003/04 Elections Russia Political
2005/04 Lutz, Leslie Russian Nonprofit Tax Law: A Call for Reform Russia Civil Society
2005/04 Page, Steven Conditionality and the Czech Administrative State: The European Union's Influence on Czech Reform Czech Republic Political
2004/12 Clark, Che Integration Inaction: The Czech Republic, Domestic Politics, and Accession to the European Union Czech Republic Political
2004/09 Maceyko, Jennifer Political and Cultural Mobilization Among Ethnic Minorities in Post-Soviet Ukraine: Russians, Poles, and Hungarians Ukraine Political
2004/06 Bartlett, Rebecca Russian Journal Changes after 1991: Implications for Slavic Collections Russia Library
2004/06 Wachs, Naomi The Dramatic Rise and Fall of Russia's District Heating System or How Not to Run a Public Utility Russia Public Utilities
2004/04 Atkins, Matthew The Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh: A look at the history, recent developments, and possible solutions Azerbaijan Political
2004/04 Ray, Emily Prague Library Flood of 2002: Crisis and Experimentation Czech Republic Library
2003/12 Hickox, David Citizen and Ethnic Integration in Latvia and Lithuania Since 1991 Latvia / Lithuania Political
2003/10 Eastwood, Bill When Discourses Clash: Religious Violence in Georgia Georgia Cultural
2003/09 Kelley, Matthew Khrushchev, Dissent and the Path to Dissidence Soviet Union Historical
2003/09 Saulean, Daniel Assessing Societies Exposed to Communism: From Nationalism to Democracy in Romania Romania Historical
2003/08 Giger, Simone Shock Therapy in Russia Russia Economic
2003/07 Dunlop, Alex Humanism and Nationalism among Serbian intellectuals in the 1980s Yugoslavia Historical
2003/06 Ellingson, Carrie A Black Hole in Cyberspace: Examining Problems in Internet Development in Hungary and Croatia During the Mid-1990s Hungary / Croatia Telecommunications
2003/05 Dumstorf, Thomas The More Things (Ex)Change the More They...or Not?: The Effectiveness of the Business for Russia/Community Connections Program Russia Business
2003/05 Betka, Mark Integration of Polish Farming to the European Union Common Agriculture Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Poland Economic
2003/05 Buchen, Tim Moldova-Romania Reunification? Moldova / Romania Political
2003/01 K. R. Lithuania and Russia: Redefining Post-Soviet Relations Lithuania / Russia Political
2002/12 Thomasson, Russell Soviet Involvement with American POWs during the Vietnam War: An Assessment Soviet Union Historical
2002/08 Richard, Knepper Information Systems and Infrastructure Development in Poland: An Evaluation of the ePolska Plan Poland Telecommunications
2002/08 Traicova, Renne An Assessment of the Health Reform in Bulgaria (1989-2001): Concept vs. Reality Bulgaria Political
2002/08 Wanat, Annisa Bulgaria's Integration Progress: A Journey from the Balkans into the European Union and NATO Bulgaria Political
2002/05 Burbank, John The Russian Federation and its Regional Relationship with the European Union Russia Political
2002/05 Kinney, Patrick National Religions and Religious Nationalities: Complexities of Identity in Communist and Post-Communist Romania Romania Historical
2002/05 Yoon, Sang Yeol Soviet Foreign Policy Toward Northeast Asia during the Gorbachev Era Soviet Union Historical
2002/04 Popovich, Michael Tengiz Tease: A Comparison of Rentier State Characteristics and Kazakhstan's Oil-driven Economic Development Strategy Kazakhstan Economic
2001/12 Abrams, Joshua NGO's, Civil Society and the Disappearance of Environmental Activism in the Former Soviet Union Soviet Union Civil Society
2001/12 Guy, Kenneth The Re-Creation of History: Soviet Folklore as Propaganda in the 1930s Soviet Union Historical
2001/05 Greenfield, Eve Language of Dissent, or Language of Compromise? Native Language, Ethnicity and Bilingual Education Policy in the North Caucasus Caucasus Education
2001/05 Nilenders, Eve Putting Pipe Dreams Into Practice: Investment in Water System Modernization in Estonia Estonia Public Utilities
2001/04 Cakars, Janis Nonviolence and the Latvian Independence Movement, 1986-1991 Latvia Historical
2000/12 Do, Hyun-Hee Globalization of Telecommunications Market in Russia and the Czech Republic: Mobile Telephone Services Market Russia / Czech Republic Telecommunications
2000/05 Cakars, Melissa The Far Eastern Republic: Soviet Politics and the Buffer State Soviet Union Historical
2000/05 Reyno, Richard The Russian Armed Forces in Chechnya, 1994-1996: A Toothless Bear? Russia Military
2000/04 Berrier, Andrew Russian Military Reform, 1992-2000: The Predominance of Moderate Thought Russia Military
2000/04 Metro-Roland, Dennis Recollections of a Movement: The Memory and History of the National Organization of People's Colleges in Hungary Hungary Historical
2000/04 Nedell, Stephen Politics of History: Previous Interpretations of the Origins, Development and Suppression of the Kronstadt Uprising of March 1921 in the Light of Recently Declassified Documents Soviet Union Historical
2000/04 Pruefer, Donald From Throw Weights to Metric Tons: The Nuclear Threat from Russia's Northern Fleet Russia Military
2000/02 Jensen III, Walter Radio and Television Transmissions as a Continuation of War by Other Means: The Case of Bosnia Bosnia Telecommunications
1999/12 Feinstein, Sara A Business Incubator in the Transition Economies of Vietnam and Azerbaijan? A Comparative Perspective of Feasibility Azerbaijan Business
1999/12 Grewelle, John Morale in the Russian Army: At the Breaking Point? Russia Military
1999/12 Sargent, Daniel Community Foundation Development in Poland: Building Cooperation in Support of Philanthropy Poland Civil Society
1999/06 Olson, Rebecca Decay, Renewal, Stagnation, and Innovation: Czech Libraries in Transition Czech Republic Library
1999/05 Boyle, Eric Fixing Old Equipment with New Tools: The Nizhniy Novgorod Eurobond Experience Russia Economic
1999/05 Hawn, Michael The Economics of Romania's Agricultural Transformation Romania Economic
1999/05 Shidlovsky, Ivan Cossacks: A New National Identity or National Guard? Ukraine Historical
1998/11 Brown, Todd Ethnopolitical Mobilization in Moldova 1987-1990 Moldova Political
1998/06 Cleveland, Abigail Dividing the Waters: Russian Policy Toward the Legal Regime of the Caspian Sea Russia Political
1998/06 Currie, Katherin Nourishment for the Soul: The Importance of Culture during the Siege of Leningrad Soviet Union Cultural
1998/06 Donosky, Theodore Politics and the Media in Serbia: 1987-1997 Serbia Political
1998/06 Kaczmarek, Paul Russian Liberalism and the Third of June System, 1905-1911 Russia Historical
1998/06 Kohlhepp, Andrew Beyond Economics: Integration in the Former Soviet Union Soviet Union Political
1998/05 Fassbender, Michael Who are "My" (We)?: Late Imperial Newspapers in Russia and Russian National Identity Russia Historical
1998/05 Fiumano, Bettina Red Don: The Russian Mafia in the Transition Economy: The Rise, Development, and Impact of the Mafia in Russia Russia Economic
1998/05 Kustoff, Ann Rural Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Russia Russia Economic
1998/05 Katula, Michael Sublimity and the Image of Night in the Fiction of Bruno Schulz Poland Literature
1998/05 Morford, Zachary The Implementation of Bankruptcy Legislation: Lessons Provided by the Russian and Polish Experiences Poland / Russia Political
1998/04 McGlinchey, Russell The Law on Production Sharing Agreements Central Asia Economic
1998/01 Keller, Gregory Polish Business Culture in Transition: Legacy of the Past, Influences of the Future Poland Business
1998/01 Silber, Robert The Hungarian Transformation 1989-1997: A Personal Perspective of the Political, Economic, and Social Changes Hungary Political / Economic / Social
1997/12 Lee, Yusin The Process of National-Building in Kazakhstan Examined in Light of the Post-Colonial Countries' Experience: The Impact of Soviet Policy as Source and Obstacle to Nation-Building Kazakhstan Political
1997/12 Parks, Kendall NATO Expansion: A Case Study of the Realist Paradigm East Europe Political
1997/09 Davenport, Dianne Loss or Gain: Czech Women's Citizenship under Socialism and Democracy Czech Republic Gender Studies
1997/09 Lamp, David Between Soviet Social Contract and the Russian Social Safety Net: Reasons for Poverty in the Russian Federation Russia Economic
1997/05 Bakke, Gretchen Mimicking Democracy: The Symbolic Role of Law in Post-Soviet Russia Russia Law
1997/05 Van Gunst, Sara The Great Transformation: A Look at Property Rights in Post-Communist Russia Russia Law
1997/04 Mindel, Allison The Evolution of a Refugee Protection System: Hungary, a Case Study Hungary Political
1997/04 Shapiro, Barbara To Invade or Not to Invade: A Contrast of Khrushchev and Gorbachev as Decision Makers Soviet Union Historical
1996/12 DeGroot, Matthew The Cultural Dynamics of Capitalism in Russia Russia Cultural
1996/12 Kaempfer, Eric Russian Military Influence on Regional Security Policy Russia Military
1996/09 Baker, Jennifer Slovaks and Hungarians in the Slovak Republic: A Case Study in Nationalist Politics Slovakia Political
1996/09 Simpson, Peggy Polish Women in the Transition, 1990-96: Political and Economic Changes Poland Political / Economic
1996/04 Kopperl, Benjamin From Officers to Conspirators: The Peoples' Will and the Russian Military Russia Military
1996/04 Wilson, Tracie Rewriting History and Identity: The German Minority in Modern Poland Poland Cultural
1995/11 Pelloso, Beth Social Benefits Policy in the New Russia: Strategies for Health Care and Pension Reform Russia Political
1995/11 Temple, Mark The Politicization of History: Marshall Antonescu and Romania Romania Historical
1995/09 Wandycz, Joanna Radio Free Europe: A Key Player in the Downfall of Communism in Poland? Poland Historical
1995/06 Brown, Jeffrey Persistent Legacies, Precarious Gains: Problems of the Post-Soviet Press in Central Asia Central Asia Political
1995/05 Korfhage, David Interpretation and Reinterpretation of Rukopis Královédvorský and Rukopis Zelenohorský Czech Republic Literature
1995/05 Lahue, William Coup Attempt in the USSR: The Events Leading to the August Coup and Why it Failed Soviet Union Historical
1995/04 Gutierrez, Brad Hungarian Exile Movement in the United States during WWII and the American Response Hungary Historical
1995/04 Rajagopalan, Sudha The Bylina: Narrative and Hero in the Construction of Identity Russia Literature
1995/04 Scherer, Trent Russo-Chechen Relations in the Post-Soviet Era Russia Political
1994/11 Kershaw, John Reforming the Russian Military: A Study of Russian Military Doctrine and Efforts at Reform Russia Military
1994/05 Curthoys, Andrew The Political Philosophy of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Soviet Union Historical
1994/05 Mixon, Charles Contemporary Russian Monarchism Russia Political
1994/04 Desmond, Dennis The Structure and Organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet Union Political
1994/04 Choppa, Richard Russia: Invest or Ignore. An Investment Worthiness Assessment in Case Studies Russia Economic
1994/04 Moore, Kelly What Happened to the Honeymoon? Domestic Politics in Interwar Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Political
1994/04 Perry, Valery A New Conscious Intelligentsia: The Disillusionment of a Generation of Communists Soviet Bloc Historical
1994/01 Panos, Caterina "The Hardest Path": A Political Biography of Alexander Tvardovskii Soviet Union Historical
1994/01 Tyson, David Literacy in Turkestan Prior to Soviet Rule Central Asia Historical
1993/12 Koncki, Sara-Jane The Implementation and Effects of the Soviet Economic Development Pattern in the Baltic Republics Baltics Economic
1993/12 McNamara, Jason Nuclear Power in the CMEA: The Ignalina AES and the Greifswald KKW--Similar Problems, Different Solutions Soviet Bloc Economic
1993/12 Pearlman, Jamie Gorbachev's Conversion to Democratization Soviet Union Political
1993/11 Bell, Craig Rethinking National Security: The Development of a Russian Military Doctrine Russia Military
1993/09 Mullin, Suzanne Russian Minority Reaction to the 1989 Baltic Language Laws Baltics Political
1993/09 Pennington, Jeffrey From the Alfold to the Carpathians: A History of the Railroad between Debrecen and Yasinya Hungary / Ukraine Historical
1993/08 Cloyd, Margaret The Czech and Slovak Republics: A Scrutiny of Government Energy Policies Czech Republic / Slovakia Economic
1993/08 Gaffney, John A New Era in Russian Relations in Northeast Asia Russia Political
1993/07 Caldwell, Melissa "Let's Eat!"--The Cultural and Social Significance of Food Rituals as Practiced in 19th Century Russia Russia Historical
1993/04 Beisel, Larry Conversion of the Defense Industry of the Soviet Union Soviet Union Military
1993/04 Dausch, Linda Gogol's Ruins: Fragmentation vs. Totality Russia Literature
1993/04 Gallagher, Darel Russian Conversion Program Prospects for Success on the Regional Level Russia Military
1993/04 Orsay, Ellis (Spethman) Pedagogical Science: Victim or Villain? East Europe Education
1993/04 Terrell, Richard Soviet Nationality Policy and National Consciousness in the Transcaucasian Republics: Drawing Together or Tearing Apart? Caucasus Historical
1993/03 Perchatsch, Gregory Solving Ukraine's Energy Crisis Ukraine Economic
1993/02 Anderson, Earideth Environmental Analysis of Privatization Programs Soviet Bloc Environmental
1993/01 Barrall, Ted Biological Weapons, Biotechnology and the Soviet Union Soviet Union Military
1992/12 Bilas, Roger Economic Development of the Soviet Far East Soviet Union Economic
1992/12 Paustenbaugh, Jennifer Tsiganite, the Gypsies of Bulgaria: Assimilation, Rejection, and Stormy Co-existence Bulgaria Cultural
1992/10 Pyle, William Soviet Banking Reform Soviet Union Economic
1992/09 Oehme, Patricia Prospects for Foreign Economic Liberalization in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Baltics and Russia Soviet Bloc Economic
1992/06 Shultz, Daniel Vavilov's Plant Science, Lysenko's Agrobiology and Soviet Agriculture in the 1920s and 1930s Soviet Union Historical
1992/05 Harris, Calvin Was Stalin a Russian Nationalist? Some Thoughts on Stalin's Approach to the National Question Soviet Union Historical
1992/05 McFadden, William The Environmental Impact of Economic Transformation in the Former Soviet Union Soviet Union Environmental
1992/04 Herron, Erik Defense Conversion in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Periods Soviet Union / Russia Military
1992/04 Meyer, Christopher Reform and Research and Development in Ex-Soviet Union and East Germany Soviet Union /German Democratic Republic Political
1991/12 Cornwell, Dorene Soviet-Czechoslovak "Cooperation" in Nuclear Energy Development Soviet Union / Czechoslovakia Political
1991/12 Lally, Michael The Soviet National Security Decision-Making 1985-1991: Perestroika and Institutional Change Soviet Union Political
1991/11 Sheffer, Lesle The Demise of the CMEA: Too Much of a Burden to Share Soviet Bloc Economic
1991/05 Raisner, William The Effect of the Invasion of Afghanistan on Soviet-Pakistani Relations: An Historical Perspective Soviet Union Military
1991/05 Rosenblum, David New Thinking in Soviet Foreign Policy toward Eastern Europe and the Revolutions of 1989 Soviet Bloc Political
1991/04 Griffith, Scott The Opening of the Soviet Economy to Foreign Investment Soviet Union Economic
1991/04 McGuire, Donald The Aral Sea Crisis Soviet Union Environmental
1991/04 Reed, Douglas Soviet Military Power in the Baltics Soviet Union Military
1990/12 Auslin, Michael The Aimless Territorial Questions: Soviet Foreign Policy Towards the Kurils Soviet Union Political
1990/10 Hartten, Erik The Demise of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance and Its Integration into the World Economy via the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank Soviet Bloc Economic
1990/08 De Luca, Duane Soviet-Albanian Relations Soviet Union / Albania Political
1990/07 Skirkanich, Laurie Coalescing of Interest Groups within the Soviet Military: A Help or Hindrance for Reform? Soviet Union Military
1990/06 Costello, Bryan The Evolution of Neutrality: Finnish-Soviet Relations in the Post-War Years, 1948-1961 Soviet Union / Finland Political
1990/05 Guenther, Stephen The Effects of Glasnost' on the KGB Soviet Union Political
1990/05 Wright II, J. Laurence CMEA Standardization and the World Economy Soviet Bloc Economic
1990/04 Crabtree, William Environmental Cooperation among CMEA Member Countries Soviet Bloc Environmental
1990/04 Milenkovich, Melinda The Soviet Commitment to the Environment Soviet Union Environmental
1990/04 Murtha, Michelle A History of the Party Programs of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and a Point by Point Comparison of the 1961 and 1986 Programs Soviet Union Political
1990/04 Peyronnin, Edgar Global Safety and the Environment: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle and the Emerging World Political Order Soviet Bloc Environmental
1990/04 Sentz, Lisa Regional Economic Autonomy in the USSR: The Baltic Region as a Case Study Baltics Economic
1989/11 Milkie, Michael Soviet Attitudes toward the Command and Control of Strategic Nuclear Forces Soviet Union Military
1989/08 Iwasyszyn, Jane Religious Freedom in East Germany and the Soviet Union in the Era of Glasnost' Soviet Union / German Democratic Republic Cultural
1989/05 Blanton, Lorri The Baltic National Front Movements: An Expression of Nationalistic Interest Group Articulation Baltics Political
1989/05 Hutchinson, Amy The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, Burden Sharing and Reform: An Overview Soviet Bloc Economic
1989/04 Clough, Virginia From Transmission Belt to Spark Plug: The Union of Cinematographers under Gorbachev Soviet Union Cultural
1989/04 Panek, Sue The Energy Factor in Soviet-East European Relations Soviet Union Economic
1989/04 Smith, Joyce The Corruption in Uzbekistan and the Trial of Churbanov Uzbekistan Political
1989/04 Smith, Michael The Dynamics of Current Soviet Efforts to Develop Soviet Central Asia Central Asia Economic
1989/04 Warlinski, Zenia The Coexistence of Official Medicine and Medicinal Herbs in Poland in the Last Decade Poland Cultural
1989/02 Arapakos, Anna Soviet Leadership Responses to the Crisis in the Agro-Industrial Complex: The Food Programs 1982-1987 and Changing Attitudes Toward the Military Soviet Union Military
1989/02 Gelsinger, Shaun How Reform Affects Defense Priorities: The Case of Hungary Hungary Military
1989/01 Brett, Thomas The Dilemma of the "Nation" in the German Democratic Republic 1967-1976 German Democratic Republic Political
1988/11 Aleshin, Nicholas Contemporary Nationalism and Marxism Soviet Bloc Political
1988/11 Green, Richard Case Study of Soviet Tank Developments Soviet Union Military
1988/11 Brown, Fred Background and Implications of a Shift to a Reasonable Sufficiency Doctrine Soviet Union Military
1988/11 Costello, Ted Soviet Defense Decision-making and Priority Allocation Soviet Union Military
1988/11 Sun, I-Fen Crystal Sino-Soviet Relations in 1980s: A Political, Economic & Trade Overview Soviet Union Political
1988/05 Kirkpatrick, Ted World Revolution and the Red Army — The Soviet-Polish War of 1919-1920 Soviet Union / Poland Historical
1988/05 Smidchens, Guntis Life Stories of Four Chicago Latvians Latvia Life Stories
1988/04 Geskin, Michael Soviet Defense Manpower Policy: Non-Russian Nationalities in the Soviet Armed Forces – The Need for Integration Soviet Union Military
1987/11 Rhea, Ralph Soviet Military Power Projection into the Third World: Actors, Capabilities, and Doctrine Soviet Union Military
1987/05 Koropeckyj, Andriy Soviet Population and the Future of Minority Territorial Areas Soviet Union Minorities

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PhD Dissertations

All disciplines are included, except the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, which maintains a list of PhD Dissertations defended on their homepage.

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The following table is sortable by date, author, title, and discipline. To sort the table, please click on a heading.

Date Name Title Discipline
2010/12 Kanig, ChristianReeducation Through Soviet Culture: Soviet Cultural Policy in Occupied Germany, 1945-1949History
2010/12Muller, Anna"If the walls could talk: Women Political Prisoners in Stalinist Poland, 1945-1956”History
2009/09Prestia, Joseph'The Most Momentous Choice of All...', The Romanian Decision to Enter the Great War, 1914-1916History
2009/06Chung, BoraChanging the Shape of Existence: Utopian in Andrei Platonov's Chevengur and Bruno Jasienski's I Burn Paris Slavic Languages & Literatures
2008/10Cakars, MelissaBeing Buryat: Soviet Modernization in SiberiaHistory
2007/10Massino, JillEngendering socialism: A History of Women and Everyday Life in Socialist RomaniaHistory
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