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The information on our website will answer many of your questions about our graduate degree programs and application procedures. We are happy to respond to any other questions you may have. You may contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Language Instruction:

  • Indiana offers instruction in more languages of the region than does any other university. Between our top-ranked Department of Slavic and East European Languages & Cultures and our unique Department of Central Eurasian Studies, students can choose from at least fourteen area languages.
  • In the two years you would be spending in this program you could master an entirely new language and perfect another you have some knowledge of.
  • Indiana is the only university in the United States at which students can earn a master’s degree focusing not only on the standard areas of Russian, Polish, Czech, and South Slavics studies, but also on less commonly taught areas like Hungary, Romania, the Baltics, or the Caucasus.
  • Indiana’s Summer Language Workshop, the largest in the world, gives you an opportunity to add proficiency in a second area language.
  • Indiana offers advanced levels of instruction in more languages than any other university. We include sixth-year Russian and a third year of most East European languages.
  • We offer content courses in the languages of the area and specialized language courses in areas such as politics, business, and environmental science.

The Russian and East European Institute is located in the new Global and International Studies Building, which is situated between the Wells Library and Auditorium, and adjacent to the Arboretum. We invite you to take a virtual tour or visit us in person.

Cost Considerations:

  • Indiana students receive high quality instruction at very reasonable prices. Our tuition rates are far lower than private institutions and lower than other state institutions with programs in Russian and East European area studies. For the 2015-16 academic year, tuition for one year of graduate study at Indiana runs just under $34,000 (12 credit hrs./semester) for non-Indiana residents, just under $11,000 for in-state students. For current rates, please refer to the Office of the Bursar's Rates and Policies page.
  • Many fellowships and assistantships support students at Indiana each year.
  • The Summer Language Workshop offers in-state tuition rates to all students, whether they are from Indiana or not.
  • The cost of living in Bloomington is lower than in most other US cities.
  • The combination of low tuition and low cost of living adds up to an unmatched bargain for training at a top-ranked program like REEI.

Intellectual Atmosphere:

  • REEI is a community of scholars, students, and international visitors engaged in learning about the most important questions facing the peoples of the former Soviet Union, East Central and Southeastern Europe. Each week we sponsor cultural and intellectual activities that will enhance your classroom experience.
  • Our studies and discussions are thoroughly interdisciplinary. You will interact with faculty and students in a wide range of fields from anthropology to politics, history, high culture and popular culture, environmental studies, public administration, library and information science, business, and law.
  • Major figures from the region often visit Indiana University. In the past several years, we have welcomed Mikhail Gorbachev (former president of the USSR), Lech Walesa (leader of Poland’s Solidarity opposition and later president of Poland), Adam Michnik (jailed Solidarity activist and now publisher of Poland’s most popular newspaper), and Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton), to name just the most prominent. The ambassadors and general consuls of the countries we study are frequent visitors to Indiana University.

Career Services:

  • Job placement is a high priority in our program. We pride ourselves on doing all we can to identify employment opportunities for our graduates and assist them in their job applications.
  • REEI regularly sends current domestic and international internship and job announcements to its students and alumni.
  • Other career resources include an online subscription of employment opportunities in the fields of conflict management, human rights, international development, law, government and the nonprofit sector.
  • Students receive individual assistance from an advisor when researching internship, study abroad and employment opportunities.
  • REEI graduates are working in the United States and dozens of foreign countries. They are employed by the US Department of State and other government offices, plus a wide variety of non-governmental organizations, and in business, university administration, and other fields.