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2006 Midwest Historians of Russia Workshop

Preregistration is required to attend this event.

All Friday sessions at Indiana University, Ballantine Hall, Room 004
All Saturday sessions have been moved to the Global Center, 201 N. Indiana Avenue

Friday, April 7, 2006, First Session, 2:00 pm

Chair: Maria Bucur

Edward Cohn (University of Chicago)

“Sex and the Married Communist: Marital Infidelity, Family Troubles, and Communist Party Discipline, 1945-1961”

Jean Lévesque (Université du Québec à Montréal)

“The Kolkhoz as Women’s Realm: work, Women and Discipline in Soviet Collective Farms after World War II”

Coffee Break, 4:00 pm

Second Session, 4:15

Chair: Toivo Raun

Ben Zajicek (University of Chicago)

“The Rise and Fall of Lobotomy in the Soviet Union, 1944-1950”

Dinner at the home of Edward Lazzerini, 7:00 pm

Saturday, April 8, Third Session, 9:00 am

Chair: Edward Lazzerini

Charles Steinwedel (Northeastern Illinois University)

“Petrine Absolutism and Empire in Bashkiria, 1730-1775”

Sally West (Truman State University)

“Modernity through Tradition: Advertising’s Appropriation of Russian Culture”

Coffee Break, 11:00 am

Fourth Session, 11:15-12:15

Chair: David Ransel

Aaron Retish (Wayne State University)

“The Masses Mobilized: The First World War in Viatka Province, 1914-1917”

12:15-12:30, Planning of next workshop

Lunch break, 12:30-2:00

Fifth Session, 2:00 pm

Chair: Marci Shore

Ann Livschiz (Indiana University, Fort Wayne)

“Drawing the Line Between Survival and Treason: codifying Improper Wartime Behavior in the Soviet Union”

Joseph Bradley (University of Tulsa)

"Russian Congresses 1861 - 1904: Advocacy in the Public Sphere"

Coffee Break, 4:00 pm

Sixth Session, 4:15 pm Discussion of Yury Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century

Comments by Marci Shore (Indiana University) and Jeffrey Veidlinger (Indiana University)

Moderator: David Ransel (Indiana University)

Dinner at the home of Jeffrey Veidlinger, 6:30 pm