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2002 Roundtable on Post Communism

"The New Inequalities: East Central Europe and East Asia"

Co-sponsored by: Russian and East European Institute, Center for the Study of Democracy and Public Life, Center for the Study of Global Change, and East Asian Studies Center

Each year the Russian and East European Institute's Roundtable on Post-Communism brings leading political thinkers from Eastern Europe and the Far East to discuss the evolution of political, social and economic life in the formerly socialist countries (including China, whose economy, if not its political structure, is increasingly capitalist).

Among the participants this year were Mihaela Miroiu of Romania, Andrzej Rychard of Poland, and Miklos Haraszti of Hungary. The focus of this session was the new inequalities that have emerged as a result of the economic and political changes of recent years and what, if anything, can or should be done to right the imbalances.