Advancing the Science of Proteomics

American Society for Mass Spectrometry 2005 Presentations

June 2005, San Antonio, TX

 A. Devakumar, M.S. Thompson and J.P. Reilly, “Fragmentation study of oligosaccharides with vacuum ultraviolet light”.

K.S. Boraas, N.P. Christian, S. Stryker, J.P. Reilly, “High speed analysis of peptide mixtures via a dual reflectron, peptide mass mapping/157 nm photodissociation MALDI mass spectrometer”.

M.S. Thompson, W. Cui, L. Zhang and J.P. Reilly, “Mechanism of peptide ion photodissociation at 157 nm”.

N.P. Christian, K.S. Boraas, S. Stryker, J.P. Reilly, “Platform for proteomic analysis using real-time analysis of peptide sequence followed by 157 nm photodissociation”.

T-Y. Kim and J. P. Reilly, “157 nm photodissociation of biomolecules on a linear ion trap mass spectrometer”


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