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CTRD Faculty

Training Faculty

Ellen Ketterson

Ellen Ketterson, Director (Biology, Neuroscience, Gender Studies): Hormones and reproductive behavior; sex and gender in animals, seasonal development of reproduction, evolution and ecology

Dale Sengelaub

Dale Sengelaub, Assoc. Director (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience): Hormonal control of development and plasticity in sexually dimorphic neural systems; hormones as neurotherapeutic or neuroprotective agents

Jeff Alberts

Jeffrey Alberts (Psychological and Brain Sciences): Perinatal behavior and physiology; parental behavior; development of sociality

Sue Carter

Sue Carter (Biology, the Kinsey Institute) behavioral neuroendocrinology, Oxytocin, neurobiology of social bonding, effect sof early experience on brain devleopment

Peter Cherbas

Peter Cherbas (Biology): Drosophila Drosophila development and genomics; nuclear receptors for steroid hormones and other transcription factors

Greg Demas

Gregory Demas (Biology, Neuroscience): Neuroendocrine-immune interactions; social behaviors; sickness behaviors; reproductive-immune trade-offs

John Foley

John Foley (Medical Sciences): Developmental cell biology; sexual dimorphism; nipple, nursing/lactation; sex hormone responsiveness

Matthew Hahn

Matthew Hahn (Biology, Informatics): Evolution of sex chromosomes; genomics and transcriptomics

Julia Heiman

Julia Heiman (The Kinsey Institute, Psychological and Brain Sciences): Human sexual response; partner selection and health outcomes; neuroendocrine-behavior interactions in human sexuality

Curt Lively

Curtis Lively (Biology): Evolution of sex; host-parasite interactions

Emilia Martins

Emília Martins (Biology): Evolution of sexual signals and reproductive behavior; phylogenetic comparative method

Armin Moczek

Armin Moczek (Biology): Development and evolution of novel, complex traits; causes, mechanisms, and consequences of sex- and environment-sensitive development and behavior

Milos Novotny

Milos Novotny (Chemistry): Mammalian pheromones; olfaction; sexual dimorphism

Stephanie Sanders

Stephanie Sanders (The Kinsey Institute, Gender Studies): Human sexuality; human sex/gender differences; sexual health and well-being

Troy Smith

Troy Smith (Biology, Neuroscience): Evolution and neuroendocrine regulation of sex differences in communication and reproductive social behavior

Rod Suthers

Roderick Suthers (Medical Sciences, Neuroscience): Physiological, neural and acoustic mechanisms in song motor patterns in juvenile and adult songbirds; male performance and female preference in song production

Peter Todd

Peter Todd (Cognitive Sciences, Informatics, Psychological and Brain Sciences): Effect of cognitive mechanisms, social environment, and sex differences on human mate choice

Virginia J. Vitzthum

Virginia J. Vitzthum (Anthropology, The Kinsey Institute): Women's reproductive functioning and health; early pregnancy loss; hormonal contraception; life history theory; reproductive functioning and health in Native Americans

Mike Wade

Michael Wade (Biology): Evolution of sexual dimorphism, sex chromosomes and maternal effects; appearance of imprinting or parent-of-origin effects with maternal dominance; inbreeding and sexual conflict; sexual and genomic conflict

Affiliated Faculty

Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia (Gender Studies, The Kinsey Institute): Intersections of biology and gender; social and sexual monogamy; human sexual behavior; human reproductive strategies and sexual behavior

Laura Hurley

Laura Hurley (Biology, Neuroscience): Context-dependence of male and female vocal signals during courtship; sex differences in sensory neuromodulation

Michael Muehlenbein

Michael Muehlenbein (Anthropology): Immune-endocrine interactions; reproductive ecology; behavioral endocrinology; ecological immunology

Marcy Kingsbury

Marcy Kingsbury (Biology, Neuroscience): Neuroendocrine mechanisms of social behavior; sex differences in the regulation of social behavior

Kim Rosvall

Kim Rosvall (Biology): Evolutionary ecology of sex differences in reproductive and social behavior; neuroendocrine and genomic mechanisms of sex differences

Cara Wellman

Cara Wellman (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience): Sex differences and stress effects on structure and function of neural circuits underlying emotion regulation; transgenic models of psychopathology