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Indiana University Bloomington

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CTRD Faculty

Training Faculty

Ellen Ketterson

Ellen Ketterson, Director (Biology, and Gender Studies): Hormones and behavior, sex and gender in animals

Dale Sengelaub

Dale Sengelaub, Assoc. Director (Psychological and Brain Sciences, and Neural Science): Hormonal control of neural development; neuroplasticity

Jeff Alberts

Jeffrey Alberts (Psychological and Brain Sciences): Postnatal behavior and physiology

Peter Cherbas

Peter Cherbas (Biology): Drosophila development & genomics; nuclear receptors

Greg Demas

Gregory Demas (Biology, and Neural Science): Neuroendocrine-immune interactions; social behavior

John Foley

John Foley (Medical Sciences): developmental cell biology, skin specializations, nipple regeneration, basic molecular and cell biology of the feather

Jim Goodson

Jim Goodson (Biology): Neural and endocrine mechanisms and evolution of avian social behavior

Matthew Hahn

Matthew Hahn (Biology): Evolution of sex chromosomes; genomics and transcriptomics

Laura Hurley

Laura Hurley (Biology): Influence of neuromodulation on the reception of social signals; the behavioral context of sensory processing

Julia Heiman

Julia Heiman (Kinsey Institute, and Psychological and Brain Sciences): Human sexual behavior; psychophysiology

Curt Lively

Curtis Lively (Biology): Evolution of sex; host-parasite interactions

Emilia Martins

Emília Martins (Biology): Behavioral evolution; comparative method

Armin Moczek

Armin Moczek (Biology): Evolution, development, and behavioral ecology of insects, developmental plasticity, evolutionary endocrinology, insect genomics

Milos Novotny

Milos Novotny (Chemistry): Mammalian pheromones and olfaction

Stephanie Sanders

Stephanie Sanders (Kinsey Institute, and Gender Studies): Human sexuality; sex differences

Troy Smith

Troy Smith (Biology): Neural & hormonal control of sex differences

Rod Suthers

Roderick Suthers (Medical Sciences): Physiology of acoustic behavior

Virginia J. Vitzthum

Virginia J. Vitzthum (Anthropology, and Kinsey Institute): Women's reproductive functioning and health, early pregnancy loss, hormonal contraception, life history theory

Mike Wade

Michael Wade (Biology): Sexual selection; evolution of maternal effects

Cara Wellman

Cara Wellman (Psychological and Brain Sciences): Neurobiology of aging and stress; neural causes and consequences of abnormal behavior

Affiliated Faculty

Justin Garcia

Justin Garcia (Gender Studies and Kinsey Institute): Intersections of biology and gender; Gender/Sexual attitudes; Romantic love and intimate relationships

Erick Janssen

Erick Janssen (Kinsey Institute): Sexual Psychophysiology; Sexual Inhibition and Excitation; Mood and Sexuality; High-Risk Sexual Behavior

Michael Muehlenbein

Michael Muehlenbein (Anthropology): Immune-endocrine interactions; reproductive ecology

Peter Todd

Peter Todd (Cognitive Sciences, and Informatics): Cognitive mechanisms used in mate choice

Marcy Kingsbury

Marcy Kingsbury (Biology): Development and evolution of the cerebral cortex; neural mechanisms of cortical cell diversity; comparative neuroanatomy

Kim Rosvall

Kim Rosvall (Biology): Evolutionary ecology of competitive phenotypes in females; Evolution and plasticity of neuroendocrine mechanisms of behavior