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Indiana University Bloomington

Monthly Training Grant Breakfasts, Spring 2014

Selected Wednesdays at 9:00 AM (see dates below)

Date Speaker Title
January 22 Kent Dunlap, Trinity College "Workshop on Careers and Research at a Liberal Arts College"
February 12 Krista M. Milich, PhD. The Kinsey Institute and The EVA Lab "How *they* do it: The impact of social and ecological factors on primate reproduction in Kibale National Park, Uganda, and Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico"
March 12 CTRD post-docs Oliver Beckers, Tierney Lorenz, Adam Smith "Switching Roles: CTRD post-docs present one another's research"
April 16 Danielle Whittaker, Michigan State University "My Life as an NSF Science and Technology Center Managing Director"
May 7 CTRD faculty and trainees "Putting Finishing Touches on a Renewal Proposal to NIH"

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