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Indiana University Bloomington

Monthly Training Grant Breakfasts, Spring 2015

Selected Wednesdays at 9:00 AM (see dates below)

Date Speaker Title
January 14 Sue Carter (Director, Kinsey Institute of Research on Sex Gender and Reproduction) "A conversation about Prairie Voles with Sue Carter"
February 25 Nikki Rendon, Ali Osip-Klein, Leah Wilson (Department of Biology, EEB) CTRD pre-docs swapping roles and presenting one another's research
March 11 Tierney Lorenz (Kinsey Institute) "Healthy is sexy, but is sexy healthy?: Reproduction/immune trade offs in premenopausal women"
April 15 Roger Hangarter (Department of Biology, GCDB) "Plants reproduce too"
May 7 Greg Demas and Liz Carlton (Department of Biology, EEB) "On Meta-analysis"

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