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Indiana University Bloomington


Pre-conference Public lecture, on
Thursday, April 25

Herman S. GrayHerman S. Gray is the author of several acclaimed books, including Watching Race:  Television and the Sign of Blackness (Minnesota 2004, 2nd ed.) and Cultural Moves (California 2005).

Keynote Speakers

Jane FeuerJane Feuer's main areas of interest are popular culture, television, and cultural studies.  Her publications include The Hollywood Musical (2nd ed. 1993) andSeeing Through the Eighties: Television and Reaganism (1995).

Misha KavkaMisha Kavka is the author of Reality Television, Affect, and Intimacy:  Reality Matters (Palgrave 2009) and Reality TV (Edinburgh University Press 2012).  She is the co-editor with Jennifer Lawn and Mary Paul of Gothic New Zealand:  The Darker Side of Kiwi Culture (Otago 2006) and the co-editor with Elisabeth Bronfen of Feminist Consequences:  Theory for the New Century (Columbia 2001).

Laurie OuelletteLaurie Ouellette teaches critical media studies. She is co-author of Better Living Through Reality TV: Television and Post-Welfare Citizenship, co-editor of Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture and author of Viewers Like You: How Public TV Failed the People. Her essays have appeared in a range of journals, including Cultural Studies, Media, Culture & Society and Television and New Media.

Brenda WeberBrenda Weber's main areas of interest are the gendered politics of representation across a wide archive of mostly discredited cultural texts, including non-canonical nineteenth-century transatlantic women's literature and contemporary media, specifically literature, film, and television.