All grading will be conducted on the standard A to F scale.  A grade in the “A” range indicates work that is “outstanding” relative to basic course requirements; work in the “B” range is significantly above basic course requirements, though it may not be outstanding in any or every regard; work in the “C” range meets the basic course requirements in every respect; work in the “D” range fails to meet the basic requirements but is minimally deserving of credit; “F” work indicates a failure to meet the basic requirements of the course, typically by failing to complete assignments or by violating fundamental, University rules and regulations concerning plagiarism (or cheating on exams).   Ignorance of the rules and regulations regarding plagiarism and student conduct is not considered a defense against indiscretions.  Be sure to read the Student Code of Ethics.   If you have questions about plagiarism be sure to ask.
C339 is an intensive writing class and if you are enrolled for this course you must also be enrolled for COAS W333.   Because this is an intensive writing class ALL essays will be evaluated for both the substance and quality of thought and for the style and quality of expression.  Although there is no real way that thought and expression can be separated from one another (have you ever seen a thought that was divorced from its expression?), the University requires that I grade you in each area separately.  Thus for each assignment you will receive a letter grade (A through F) which will be a measure of the overall quality of the assignment.  You will also receive an “S” (satisfactory) or “U” (unsatisfactory) as an evaluation of your writing.  A more detailed description of the criteria I use in grading writing assignments is contained on the course website at Grading Criteria for Formal Essays.
 Your final grade for the course will be a calculation based on the following percentages:
                        Essay #1                      20%
                        Essay #2                      20%
                        Essay #3                      25%
                        Oral Report                 10%
                        Group Project             15%*
                        Attendance                  10%
I also reserve the right to raise or lower your final grade in the course by one increment (e.g., from a B+ to an A- or from a C to a C-) based on my evaluation of the quality of your participation in class discussions and exercises.
 *The Group Project will receive a single grade that will be assigned to each member of the group.  At the end of project I will ask each member of the group to provide me with a written, confidential assessment of the other members’ contributions to the project.  If an individual makes an adequate contribution to the group project, the group project grade will not be allowed to lower the student’s individual course grade.  If the individual contribution is deemed inadequate, then the group project grade will always be included in the final grade.  Put simply, if you make an adequate contribution to group project the grade for that assignment can only help your final grade in the course, it can never hurt it.


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