M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations Directed by John Lucaites (Last Updated: 'January 2010)


M.A .Theses

  • Joseph D. Gow, "The Two Faces of Booker T. Washington: A Rhetorical Analysis of the 'Ideological Tension' in The Story of My Life and Work and Up From Slavery" (M.A., University of Alabama, 1985)
  • Neil Howard Flum, "Ronald Reagan, 'Manifest Destiny,' and Central America: A Question of Motive" (M.A., University of Alabama, 1988)
  • Julie Marie Thompson, "Managing the Public-Private Distinction: Maria W. Stewart and The Problem of Rhetorical Status" (M.A., Indiana University, 1991)
  • Kathryn A. Canas, "Managing The Rhetorical Paradox of Black Womanhood: Mary Church Terrell and the Problem of Collective Identity Formation" (M.A., Indiana University, 1993)
  • Claudia Krey, "The Rhetorical Construction of Economic Authority in the NAFTA Debate" (M.A., Indiana University, 1994)
  • Lisa Bates-Froiland, "Balancing Individual Rights and Community Responsibility: Communitarian Rhetoric" (M.A., Indiana University, 1995)
  • James Lavigne Cherney, "Public Accommodation and the Americans With Disabilities Act: The Rhetorical Effectivity of Antidiscrimination Law" (M.A., Indiana University, 1995)
  • Rebecca Townsend, "The Transformation of 'Tolerance' in the Age of McCarthyism: A Case of Problematic Rhetorical Remembrance" (M.A., Indiana University, 1997
  • Scott Welsh, "Rethinking Deliberation: Towards a Rhetorical Democratic Practice" (M.A., Indiana University, 2000)
Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Trevor Parry Giles, "Public Issue Construction and Rhetorical Access: The 1985 Banning of Real Lives--At The Edge of The Union in Great Britain" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1992)
  • Ariadne Joy Lieber, "The Motif of Joy in Hebrew Bible Prophecies: A Rhetorical Analysis of Zephaniah 3.14-20 and Jeremiah 31.1-13 (Hebrew Versions)" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1997) 
  • Thomas A. Vaughn, "The Quiet Critique: A Rhetorical History of the Film Career of Buster Keaton," (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1997)
  • Todd McDorman, "Transforming Death: The Rhetoric of Euthanasia" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1997)
  • Julie Marie Thompson, "Mommie Queerest: The Rhetoric of Ambivalence About 'Lesbian Mother' As An Oxymoron, 1970 to 1995" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1998)
  • Dexter Gordon, "A Rhetorical-Material Development of Black Ideology, 1817-1865" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 1998)
  • Daniel Schowalter, "Images of Traumatic History: The Visual Rhetorics of Holocaust" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2001) 
  • Helen Tate, "Rhetorical History of Feminism" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2001)
  • Larry Lambert, "Invoking the Machine: The Rhetorical Appeal to Machine Technology in American Whig Discourse" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2001)
  • Stephen Olbrys, "'More Weight": Social Evil, Civil Rights, and The Commodification of Social Justice" (Ph.D., Indiana Univeristy, 2003)
  • James Lavigne Cherney, "Rhetorical Norms of Ableist Culture" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2003)
  • Courtney Bailey, "Covering the "Face of History": Time's Visual Rhetoric of Gender" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2004)
  • Brett S. Boessen, "Fan-Citizens and Communities of Judgment in Reading The West Wing" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2006)
  • David Worthington, "American Exceptionalism and the Shoah: The Case of the United States Holocust Memorial Museum" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2007)
  • Darrel Enck-Wanzer, "The Intersectional Rhetorics of the Young Lords: Social Movement, Ideographs, Demand, and the Radical Democratic Imaginary" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2007)
  • David Cochran, "Revolutionary Antislavery: Birth of an American Prophetic Tradition " (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2008)
  • Isaac West, "Legal Trans/cripts: Transgender Rhetorics of Law and Everyday Life" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2008
  • Brian Amsden, "Liberal Rhetorical Praxis and the Youth Rights Debates" (Ph.D., Indiana University, 2010)
  • Jonathon Rossing, "Just Joking: Comedy, Democratic Style,and the Problem of Racialized Justice," (Ph.D., Indiana University, in progress)
  • Melanie Loehwing, "Democratic Vision: The Critical Optics of Homelessness," (Ph.D., Indiana University, in progress)
  • Emily Downing, "Philanthropic Style: The Influence of Nonprofit Fundraising Practices on Community Deliberations and Judgments" (Ph.D., Indiana University, in progress)
  • Byron Craig, "Rhetoric and the Problem of a Post-Racial Consciousness: Hip Hop Controversia," (Ph.D., Indiana University, in progress)
  • Shana Heinricy, "The Madeover Citizen" (Ph.D., Indiana University, in progress)
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