Research Publications of John Lucaites   (Most Recently Updated: April 2007)


No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture, and Liberal Democracy. University of Chicago Press, 2007. With Robert Hariman

Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: A Reader. Guilford Press, 1999. Edited with Celeste Michelle Condit and Sally Caudill.

Crafting Equality: America's Anglo-African Word. University of Chicago Press, 1993. With Celeste Michelle Condit. Awarded the 1994 Marie Hochmuth Nichols Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Public Address

Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Sermonic Power of Public Discourse. Edited with introduction. University of Alabama Press, 1993. With Carolyn Calloway-Thomas.

Guest Edited Journals

"Rhetoric and Law: History, Criticism, and Praxis." Special issue of Southern Journal of Communication 60 (1994): 1-86. Guest editor with William E. Wiethoff.

"A Sampler For Legal Rhetoricians and Rhetorical Lawyers." Special issue of Legal Studies Forum 17 (1994): 341-436. Guest editor with William E. Wiethoff.

Essays and Book Chapters

"The Times Square Kiss: Iconic Photography and Civic Renewal in U.S. Public Culture." Journal of American History (June 2007): xx-xx. With Robert Hariman

"Liberal Representation and Global Order: The Iconic Photograph from Tiananmen Square." Rhetorics of Display, edited by Lawrence Prelli, 121-40. University of SouthCarolina Press, 2006. With Robert Hariman

"Democratic Accountability and Liberal Representation in American Iconic Photography: The Image of 'Accidental Napalm." American Visual Culture, edited by David Holloway and John Beck, 199-209. London: Continuum Press, 2005. With Robert Hariman.

"Setting the Record Straight -- Again -- on Famous Photographs of the Christa McAuliffe Family Viewing Launch of the Challenger." Visual Communication Quarterly (Summer-August 2005): 26-27. With Robert Hariman.

"Ritualizing Modernity's Gamble: The Iconic Photographs of the Hindenberg and The Challenger." Visual Communication Quarterly (Winter-Spring, 2004): 4-17. With Robert Hariman

"Telescopic Mourning/Warring in the Global Village: De-composing (Japanese) Authority Figures." Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 1 (2004): 1-28. With James P. McDaniel.

"Public Idenity and Collective Memory in U.S. Iconic Photography: The Image of 'Accidental Napalm'." Critical Studies in Media Communication 20 (2003): 35-66. With Robert Hariman. 2004 NCA Golden Annivesary Monograph Award

"Performing Civic Identity: The Iconic Photograph of the Flag-Raising on Iwo Jima." Quarterly Journal of Speech 88 (2002): 263-292. With Robert Hariman.

"Dissent and Emotional Management in a Liberal-Democratic Society: The Kent State Iconic Photograph." Rhetoric Society Quarterly 31 (2001): 5-31. With Robert Hariman. 2001 Charles Kneupper Award, Rhetoric Society of America; 2002 NCA Golden Anniversary Monograph Award.

Visual Rhetoric, Photojournalism and Democrtic Public Culture." Rhetoric Review 20 (2001): 37-42. With Robert Hariman.

"Voice." In The Philosophy of Law: An Encylcopedia, edited by C. B. Gray. New York: Garland Pub. Co., 1998, 895-97.

"Race Trials: The Rhetoric of Victimage in the Racial Consciousness of 1930s America." XXX: Proceedings of the Tenth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation, edited by James F. Klumpp, 269-74. Speech Communication Association, 1998. With William Lewis.

"McGee Unplugged!" Introductory Essay to Rhetoric in Postmodern America: Conversations With Michael Calvin McGee, edited by Carol Corbin, 3-24. Guilford Pub., 1997.

"Visualizing 'The People': Individualism and Collectivism in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men." Quarterly Journal of Speech 83 (1997): 269-88.

"The Irony of 'Equality' in Black Abolitionist Discourse: The Case of Frederick Douglass's 'What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?'" In Rhetoric and Political Culture in Nineteenth-Century America, edited by Thomas W. Benson, 47-70. Michigan State University Press, 1997.

"The Rhetorical Boundaries of 'the Law': A Consideration of the Rhetorical Culture of Legal Practice and the Case of the 'Separate But Equal' Doctrine." Quarterly Journal of Speech 82 (1996): 323-42. With Marouf Hasian, Jr. and Celeste Michelle Condit. 1997 Golden Anniversary Monograph Award, National Communication Association.

"Theorizing The Grounds of Rhetorical Judgment." Informal Logic 15 (1993): 29-40.With Charles Alan Taylor.

"Prudence and the Problem of Rhetorical Effect in Postmodern American Liberalism: A Prospectus." In Argument and the Postmodern Challenge: Proceedings of the Eighth SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation, edited by Raymie E. McKerrow, 304-13. Speech Communication Association, 1993. With Charles Alan Taylor.

"Universalizing 'Equality': The Public Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr." In Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Power of Sermonic Discourse, edited by Carolyn Calloway-Thomas and John Louis Lucaites, 85-103. University of Alabama Press, 1993. With Celeste Michelle Condit.

"Malcolm X and the Limits of the Rhetoric of Revolutionary Dissent." Journal of Black Studies, 23 (1993): 291-313. With Celeste Michelle Condit. Reprinted in Diversity in Public Communication: A Reader, edited by Anne E. Laffoon and Raymie E. McKerrow, 103-23. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt Pub., 1994.

"The Rhetoric of Equality and The Expatriation of African-Americans, 1776-1826." Communication Studies 42 (1991): 1-21. With Celeste Michelle Condit. Portions of this essay are reprinted with a different theoretical focus in "A Case Study of the 'Rhetorical Effect' of Ideological Argumentation," in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Argumentation, Organized by the International Society for the Study of Argumentation at the University of Amsterdam, June 19-22, 1990, edited by Frans H. van Eemeren, et al., 1028-35. Dodrecht-Holland: Foris Pub., 1991.

"Between Rhetoric and 'The Law': Power, Legitimacy, and Social Change." Quarterly Journal of Speech 76 (1990): 435-49.

"Reconstructing <Equality>: Culturetypal and Counter-Cultural Rhetorics in theMartyred Black Vision." Communication Monographs 57 (1990): 5-24. With Celeste Michelle Condit. Reprinted in Readings in Rhetorical Criticism, edited by Carl R. Burgchardt, 457-80. University Park, PA: Strata Pub., 1995; and Readings in Rhetorical Criticism, 2nd ed., 471-93, 2000.

"Constitutional Argument in a National Theater: The Impeachment Trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell." In Popular Trials: Rhetoric, Mass Media, and the Law, edited by Robert Hariman, 31-54. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press, 1990.

"Towards A Rhetorical Consciousness of 'Politics' in The Realms of Culture and the Public." Communication 12 (1990): 49-64.

"The Legacy of <Liberty>: Rhetoric, Ideology, and Aesthetics in the Postmodern Condition." Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory/Revue canadienne de thêorie politique et sociale 13 (1989): 31-48. With Maurice Charland.

"Rhetorical Legitimacy, <Public Trust> and The Presidential Debates." Argumentation and Advocacy 25 (1989): 231-38.

"Burke's 'Speech on Conciliation' As Oppositional Discourse." In Texts in Context: Critical Dialogues on Significant Episodes in American Political Rhetoric, edited by Michael Leff and Fred Kauffeld, 81-89. Davis, California: Hermagoras Press, 1989.

"Wendell Phillips: Abolitionist, Social and Political Reformer." In American Orators Before 1900: Critical Studies and Sources, edited by Bernard K. Duffy and Halford Ryan, 316-24. New York: Greenwood Press, 1987.

"Re-Constructing Narrative Theory: A Functional Perspective." Journal of Communication 35 (1986): 90-109. With Celeste Michelle Condit.

"Substantive and Regulative Functions of Ideographs: 'Liberty,' 'Order,' and 'Public Trust' in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-Whiggism." In Argument in Transition: Third SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation, edited by Jack Rhodes and David Zarefsky, 285-305. Annandale, Virginia: Speech Communication Association, 1983.

"Rhetoric and The Problem of Legitimacy." In Dimensions of Argument: Proceedings of the Second SCA/AFA Conference on Argumentation, edited by George Ziegelmueller and Jack Rhodes, 799-11. Annandale, Virginia: Speech Communication Association, 1981.

"A Descriptive Analysis of Verbal Communicative Strategies in Conflict Situations: An Exploratory Study." North Carolina Journal of Speech and Drama 11 (1977): 30-41.

Book Reviews

David Hackett Fisher, Liberty and Freedom: A Visual History of America's Founding Ideas and Lester Olson, Ben Franklin's VIsion of American Community: A Study in Rhetorical Iconology. Rev. in Rhetoric Review, 2006, 221-27.

Ofer Feldman and Christ'l De Landtsheer, eds. Politically Speaking: A Worldwide Examination of Langauge Used in the Public Sphere. Rev. in Political Psychology, 22 (2001): 410-413. Misprinted under the name of "John Louis"

Gregory P. Lampe, Frederick Douglass: Freedom's Voice, 1818-1845. Rev. in The Journal of American History, 86 (1999): 242-243.

Richard Lischer, The Preacher King: Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Word That Moved America. Rev. in The Journal of American History 96 (1996): 1644-45.

Ralph J. Sonenshein, Politics in Black and White: Race and Power in Los Angeles. Rev. in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 534 (1994): 197-98.

David Procter, Enacting Political Culture. Rev. in Journal of Communication 42 (1992): 135-39.

Brian Vickers, In Defense of Rhetoric. Rev. in Journal of Communication 40 (1990): 165-67.

William G. Doty, Mythography: The Study of Myths and Rituals. Rev. in Journal of Communication 38 (1988): 107-10.

Jürgen Habermas, The Theory of Communicative Action, Vol. I. Rev. in Quarterly Journal of Speech 73 (1987): 129-31.

"Persuasion in the 1980s: A Review of Three Persuasion Textbooks." The Southern Speech Communication Journal 49 (1984): 331-34.


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