(Abbreviations: A&A = Argumentation and Advocacy; CSSJ = Central States Speech Journal; CM = Communication Monographs; CSMC = Critical Studies in Mass Communication; JC = Journal of Communication; QJS = Quarterly Journal of Speech; P&R = Philosophy and Rhetoric; WJSC = Western Journal of Speech Communication; Ý = readings to be logged in your journal; * = photocopied materials available on the third floor of the CMCL Bld.)


I. Introduction: The Problem of Contemporary Rhetorical Theory in Late/Post Modernity

1/11 The "Status" of Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

Read: Leff, Michael, and Margaret Organ Procario. "Rhetorical Theory in Speech Communication." Speech Communication in the Twentieth Century. Ed. Thomas W. Benson. Carbondale, IL: SIU Press, 1985. 3-27.*

Lucaites, John Louis, and Celeste Michelle Condit. "Introduction" and "Epilogue." Contemporary Rhetorical Theory: A Reader. Ed. John Louis Lucaites, Celeste Michelle Condit, and Sally Caudill. New York: Guilford Press, 1999. 1-18, 609-614.*

Bender, John, and David E. Wellbery. "Rhetoricality: On the Modernist Return of Rhetoric." The Ends of Rhetoric: History, Theory, Practice. Ed. John Bender and David E. Wellbery. Palo Alto: Stanford UP, 1990. 3-40.*

Hariman, Robert. "Status, Marginality, and Rhetorical Theory." QJS 72 (1986): 38-54.*


1/18 No Class -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Note: We Will Make This Class Up DuringExamination Week)


1/25 Rhetoric and the Problem of Judgment [in Late/Post Modernity]

Read: Black, Edwin. Rhetorical Criticism: A Study in Method. Madison, WI:University of Wisconsin Press, 1978, 91-131. Orig. pub. 1965.*Ý

Beiner, Ronald. Political Judgment. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1983.*Ý


2/1 Rhetoric and the Problem of Action/Motive [in Late/Post Modernity]

Read: Burke, Permanence and Change, xlvii-273.Ý (Note: You are encouraged toread Hugh Duncan's, "Introduction," xiii-xlvi, and the Appendix, "On Human Behavior Considered Dramatistically," 274-94.


2/8 Rhetoric and the Problem of Epistemology [in Late/Post Modernity]

Read: Bernstein, Beyond Objectivism and Relativism, 1-50.

Scott, Robert. "On Viewing Rhetoric as Epistemic." CSSJ 18 (1967): 9-16.*Ý

Cherwitz, Richard A., and James W. Hikins. "Rhetorical Perspectivism." QJS 69 (1983): 249-66.*Ý

Railsback, Celeste Condit. "Beyond Rhetorical Relativism: A Structural-Material Model of Truth and Objective Reality." QJS 69 (1983): 351-63.*Ý

Atherton, Margaret. "Cartesian Reason and Gendered Reason," 19-34. In CharlotteWitt, ed. A Mind of One's Own: Feminist Essays on Reason and Objectivity. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1993.*

Whitson, Steve and John Poulakos. "Nieztsche and the Aesthetics of Rhetoric." QJS 79 (1993): 131-45.*Ý

Hikins, James W. "Nieztsche, Eristic, and the Rhetoric of the Possible: A Commentary on the Whitson and Poulakos's 'Aesthetic' View of Rhetoric." QJS 81 (1995): 353-77.*

Poulakos, John and Steve Whitson. "Rhetoric Denuded and Redressed: Figs andFigures." QJS 81 (1995): 378-85.*

Greene, Ronald Walter. "The Aesthetic Turn and the Rhetorical Perspective on Argumentation." A&A 35 (1998): 19-29.*Ý


II. Contemporary Rhetoric and the Dialectic of Hermeneutics and Critical Theory

2/15 Rhetoric and Hermeneutics, I

Read: Bernstein, Beyond Objectivism and Relativism, 109-169.

Hyde, Michael J., and Craig R. Smith. "Hermeneutics and Rhetoric: A Seen But Unobserved Relationship." QJS 65 (1979): 347-63.*

Gadamer, Reason in the Age of Science, ix-20, 69-138.Ý

Gadamer, Hans-Georg. "Rhetoric and Hermeneutics," trans. Joel Wertheimer, 45-59. In Rhetoric and Hermeneutics. In Walter Jost and Michael J. Hyde, eds. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1998.*Ý

+ + + + + Outline of Book #1 for Theoretical Review Essay Due In-Class


2/22 Rhetoric and Hermeneutics II

Read: Gaonkar, Dilip. "The Idea of Rhetoric in the Rhetoric of Science," in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 25-88.Ý

Leff, Michael. "The Idea of Rhetoric as Interpretive Practice," in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 89-100.

Campbell, John Angus. "Strategic Reading: Rhetoric, Intention, and Interpretation," in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 113-129.

Miller, Carolyn R. "Classical Rhetoric Without Nostalgia," in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 156-71.

Jasinski, James. "Instrumentalism, Contextualism, and Interpretation in Rhetorical Criticism," in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 195-224.

Kaufer, David S. "From Tekhne to Technique: Rhetoric As A Design Art" in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 247-78.Ý

Gaonkar, Dilip. "Close Readings of the Third Kind: Reply to My Critics," in Gross and Keith, Rhetorical Hermeneutics, 330-56.

Leff, Michael. "Hermeneutical Rhetoric," in Hyde and Jost, Rhetoric and Hermeneutics in our Time, 196-214.*Ý


3/1 Critical Theory I

Read: Habermas, The Theory of Communicative Action, Vol. I, 1-216.Ý (Note: You are strongly encouraged to read Thomas McCarthy's "Translator's Introduction" which does a superb job of contextualizing Vol. I in Habermas's larger project.)

+ + + + + Reading Log Due In-Class


3/8 Critical Theory II

Read: Habermas, The Theory of Communicative Action, Vol. I., 217-399.Ý

McGee, Michael Calvin. "Phronesis in the Gadamer Versus Habermas Debates,"13-41. In John M. Sloop and James P. McDaniel, eds. Judgment Calls: Rhetoric, Politics, and Indeterminacy. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1998.*


3/15 No Class -- Spring Break


III. Rhetoric and Social Theory

3/22 Rhetorical Culture, and Practical Reason, I

Read: Farrell, Norms of Rhetorical Culture, 1-186.Ý

+ + + + + First Draft ofTheoretical Review Essay Due In-Class


3/29 Rhetorical Culture and Practical Reason, II

Read: Farrell, Norms of Rhetorical Culture, 187-322.Ý

Hariman, Robert. "Norms of Rhetorical Theory," QJS 80 (1994): 329-32.*

Gaonkar, Dilip Parameshwar. "The Very Idea of A Rhetorical Culture," QJS 80 (1994): 333-38.*

Charland, Maurice. "Norms and Laughter in Rhetorical Culture," QJS 80 (1994): 339-42.*


4/5 Critical Rhetoric(s) I (The Problems of Materiality and Effectivity)

Read: McGee, Michael Calvin. "In Search of 'the People': A Rhetorical Alternative," QJS 61 (1975): 235-49.*Ý

McGee, Michael Calvin. "The 'Ideograph': A Link Between Rhetoric and Ideology,"QJS 66 (1980): 1-16.*Ý

McGee, Michael Calvin. "A Materialist's Conception of Rhetoric," 23-48. InRay E. McKerrow, ed. Explorations in Rhetoric: Studies in Honor of Douglas Ehninger. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman, 1982.*

Charland, Maurice. "Constitutive Rhetoric: The Case of the Peuple Québécois." QJS 73 (1987): 133-50.*Ý

McKerrow, Raymie E. "Critical Rhetoric: Theory and Praxis," CM 56 (1989): 91-111.*

Cloud, Dana. "The Materiality of Discourse as Oxymoron: A Challenge to Critica Rhetoric," WJC 58 (1994): 141-63.*

Greene, Ronald. "Another Materialist Rhetoric," CSMC 15 (1998): 21-40.*Ý


4/12 Critical Rhetoric(s) II (Rhetoric in the Pagus)

Read: Charland, Maurice, and John M. Sloop. "Just Lyotard," QJS 82 (1996): 288-322.*

Lyotard and Thébaud, Just Gaming, 3-120.Ý

Charland, Maurice. "Property and Propriety: Rhetoric, Justice, and Lyotard's Différend," Judgment Call, 220-36.*Ý

Note: Professor Charland to Visit Class


4/19 Critical Rhetoric(s) III

Read: Ono, Kent A., and John M. Sloop. "Commitment to Telos: A Sustained Critical Rhetoric," CM 59 (1992): 48-60.*Ý

Sloop, John M., and Kent A. Ono. "Out-law Discourse: The Critical Politics of Material Judgment," P&R 30 (1997): 50-69.*Ý

Greene, Ronald Walter and Darrin Hicks, "Judging Parents," in Judgment Calls, 196-219.*

Blair, Carol, et al. "Disciplining the Feminine," QJS 84 (1994): 383-409.*Ý

Shome, Raka, "Postcolonial Interventions in the Rhetorical Canon: An 'Other' View," Communication Theory 6 (1996): 40-59.*

Wander, Philip. "Marxism, Post-Colonialism, and Rhetorical Contextualization," QJS 82 (1996): 402-435.*Ý

Dace, Karen L. "'Had Judas Been a Black Man …': Politics, Race, and Gender in African America," in Judgment Calls, 163-181.*

Nakayama, Thomas, and Robert L. Krizek. "Whiteness: A Strategic Rhetoric," QJS 81 (1995): 291-309.*Ý


4/26 Rhetoric, Decorum, and Social Theory: Confessions of a Nervous Postmodernist

Read: Hariman, Robert. Political Styles: The Artistry of Power. Ý

+ + + + + Final Draft of Theoretical Review Essay Due on Friday, 4/30.


5/3 Rhetoric and the Problem of Judgment … Rediva

Read: Bernstein, Beyond Objectivism and Relativism, 171-232.

McDaniel, James P., "More Than Meets the Eye: An Exposé on Patriotic Libido and Judgment at the Level of the Image in American War Culture," in Judgment Calls, 102-62.*Ý

Hariman, Robert, "Afterword: Justifying, Positioning, Persuading in the Intermediate World, Judgment Calls, 237-50.*Ý

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5/8 Barbecue at Chez Lucaites


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