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I. The Ragas of North India, by Walter Kaufmann. OUT OF PRINT

II. The Younger Brother Don Yod. OUT OF PRINT

III. American Oriental Society, Middle West Branch, Semi-Centennial Volume, edited by Denis Sinor. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1968. 288 pp., Cloth $16.00

IV. Syntax of Modern Arabic Prose. OUT OF PRINT

V. Tibet: A Handbook, by Helmut Hoffmann in collaboration with Stanley Frye, Thubten Norbu, and Ho-chin Yang. Indiana University Research Center for Language Sciences Publications, 1975. 264 pp. Cloth $29.00

VI. China Illustrata, written by Athanasius Kircher. Translated from the Latin by Charles Van Tuyl. Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1987. 228 pp. Cloth $29.00

VII. A History of Tibet, by Nag-dBan Blo-bZan rGya-mTSHo. Translated from Tibetan by Zahiruddin Ahmad. Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1995. 328 pp. ISBN  0-933070-32-2. Cloth $45.00

VIII. The Philosophy of Wu Ch'eng, A Neo-Confucian in the Yuan Dynasty, by David Gedalecia. Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 1999. 206 pp. ISBN 0933070-44-6. Cloth $39.00

IX. Paul Pelliot (1878-1945): His Life and Works-A Bibliography. Compiled by Hartmut Walravens, Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 2001. 248 pp. ISBN  0-933070-47-0. Cloth $69.00

X. Lien Heng (1878-1936): Taiwan's Search for Identity and Tradition, by Shu-Hui Wu. Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, 2005. 488 pp. ISBN  0-933070-53-5. Cloth $50.00

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(Note: Selected titles from volumes 1-150 in this series which are out-of-print may be purchased separately as reprints from RoutledgeCurzon.)

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160. Bregel, Yuri. Bibliography of Islamic Central Asia, Parts I-III. 3 vols., 1513 pp. Bloomington. 1995. ISBN 0-933070-35-7. Cloth $299.00 (pro forma invoice will be provided upon receipt of purchase order; prepayment required)

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139. Never Published.

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129. Never Published.

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By arrangement with University Microfilms International (UMI), several of our out-of-print volumes are available through on-demand publications. They include:

Uralic and Altaic Series

19. Swift, Lloyd B. A Reference Grammar of Modern Turkish. UMI#OP45548

General Publications

1. Sapir, Edward and Swadesh, Morris. Native Accounts of Nootka Ethnography. UMI#OP61608.

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6. Newman, Stanley. Zuni Dictionary. UMI#OP27097

14. Oinas, Felix J. (editor). Language Teaching Today. UMI#OP26803

The above volumes should be ordered on-line from Books On Demand or by mail:

UMI/Books On Demand
300 N. Zeeb Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48106, U.S.A.

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