Projects - Tiny 500





The Tiny 500 is a race that premiered this year at Indiana University. Unlike the Indianapolis 500 this race is not between cars; unlike IU's Little 500 this race is not between bikes; rather, the Tiny 500 is a competition between robots! Robotics Club members gather into groups and design robots for the competition. The race is to see which robot can get around a 10ftx5ft oval shaped track with the quickest time. The purpose of the race is to make sure the members of the club are comfortable working with electronics before we move on to more serious (and fun!) projects.


3 November 2001

The 2001 race is over! Many of the robots had difficulty, but it was a success nonetheless. Below are some pictures of the event.

31 October 2001

The Tiny 500 will take place in Bryan Park. The official time and date is 12PM on Saturday, November 3, 2001. Please come check it out! It is open to anyone who is interested in watching these cool bots race around a track.

Pictures of 2001 Tiny 500

Builders (left to right): Brian, Nick, Tim, Mark, David.
Robots (clockwise from left): Herby, Bimny, Helio, Fritz, Ernesto, Brian's robot.

Racing robots (same as above).

Brian tweaking his robot's line following sensors.

Mark working on his robot. "Helio" is solar-powered and uses reflected sound to tell when he's approaching an obstacle.

Nick makes some final adjustments to the line follower "Bimny".

Ian and his father Tim (legs seen here) demonstrate their Lego Mindstorms-based line follower robot.