Projects - Robo500

Robo500 Spring (April 3rd)

 place: TBA
 time: TBA
date: April 3rd, saturday
who: anyone

The design of the spring track will cause the robots a little more trouble to navigate than a simple oval, but it shouldn't be too difficult to still make a simple robot which can make it all the way around. 
 Each robot will run in a time trial, and then (if the owner desires) will compete with all the other robots in one massive rumble.
 Many people work on their own robots, but the Club has a robot all members can help build, if you are unsure of time commitment or skill.


Maker Robot Time (in seconds)
Ryan Boomer 59.52
Tim Dirt Cheap   (1st place) 17.28
Dave Ernesto 55.26
Mike, Josh, Marisa Ayer did not finish - destroying track
Mark Helio did not finish - not enough sunlight
Josh Bonner Bug did not finish - power supply problem
Dave Fritz   (3rd place) 25.75
Ryan Dirt Cheap 1.0 did not finish - navigation difficulty
Club Robot Bill   (2nd place) 22.59