IU Robotics Club
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Name: Elvis Head Project
Project member(s): ...
Purpose: Make Elvis sing custom songs
Name: Swarmbot project
Project member(s): Alex, Nick, Chris, Dave, Ben
Purpose: explore group intelligence
Name: Junior
Project member(s): Mark Mangrich, Dave Sharp
Purpose: map territory with sonar
Name: Basic Stereoscopic Vision Primer / "DepthExtractor"
Project member(s): Dave Sharp
Purpose: to learn about the basics of stereoscopic vision
Name: Shazamitor, A.K.A. "Bill"
Project member(s): Dave Sharp, Josh Bonner, Ryan Clarke
Purpose: to do better than last time in CMU's robotic "volleyball" competition
Name: NASA team project
Project member(s): Dan Bulwinkle, Teresa Pegors, Josh Bonner
Purpose: develop simple zero-G mobile devices through the use of evolutionary algorithms in physics-based simulation
Name: The Goer
Project member(s): Alex Shaw
Purpose: mobile platform, mow the lawn
Name: Saxbot
Project member(s):Charles Hart, Mike Brady
Purpose: Build a device that can play the saxophone
Name: Mr. Roboto
Project member(s): Teresa Pegors
Purpose: become human
Name: Alexis
Project member(s): Mark Mangrich
Purpose: large autonomous robot with dynamic suspension
Name: Raphael
Project member(s): Dan Bulwinkle
Purpose: avoid walls using IR
Name: Mowbot
Project members: Dave Sharp, Ryan Clarke, Mark Mangrich
Purpose: build a big cool cheap robot that can negotiate real-world terrain (and maybe mow a lawn)
Name: Eyesore II
Project member(s): Dan Bulwinkle
Purpose: large autonomous robot
Name: Fritz
Project member(s): Dave Sharp
Purpose: use sonar to naively avoid obstacles
Name: Ernesto
Project member(s): Dave Sharp
Purpose: first club robot -- get something moving, simulate a "cockroach" (avoid light)