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Raphael was inspired by Mark's mapping robot Junior. He is made of standard aluminum that can be found at any hardware store. Raph runs on a PIC 16F84 microcontroller with code programmed in assembly. Similar to Fritz, Raph avoids walls, but instead of using sonar, Raph uses IR.

Click here to see a movie of Raphael (8MB QuickTime)






30 July 2003

After finally getting some time to fix the PIC burner a couple days ago, I burned some code to the PIC. Today I finished Raphael as far as I can imagine he could be finished. I soldered together his board, which consists of the below schematic and a few other things, namely the crystal, 5V regulator, and a resistor for the EN channels on the H-bridge. Also put in some pins to which to connect the IR sensor. Coding was very simple: I never had any errors during compilation and had only one instance where Raphael's behavior didn't perform as expected because of a programming error (I copied and pasted code and forgot to change the value of a goto statement.). Here is the PIC 16F84 Assembly code.

21 March 2003

I have scanned a schematic of Raphael's circuitry. Here is the schematic.