David Hamman


Hometown: Butler, IN

Major: Education, areas of concentration in math and science

Reason for joining SAB: I saw an SAB poster at a bus stop my freshman year and the motto of the organization was stated as: The Spirit Behind Indiana Athletics. This sounded like something that I would enjoy being a part of from the start.

Favorite SAB memory: I would say getting to work at football practice my freshman year. I worked with the wide receivers and this was amazing, as I got to know a couple of them and make some good friendships.

Favorite IU athlete: Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell

Favorite Restaurant in Bloomington: BuffaLouies

Future plans: I would like to become a teacher, and then possibly come back to Indiana University, for Graduate School, in an attempt to get a Master’s in Education Administration. After this, I would like to become a high school Vice Principal/Athletic Director to finish off my years as an educator.