Student Athletic Board

On the bottom of this page, you will find all 24 Indiana University sports along with other special events that SAB is responsible for.  Some may seem more appealing to you than others, but keep in mind that participating in a variety of events is the key to receiving the honor of becoming an SAB Director.  With this title, you gain several benefits including front row seats to basketball and football games, plenty of IU gear, the opportunity to wear your own “redcoat” to special events, inside looks at the Athletics Facilities, and many other priceless experiences.


By signing up today to be a chair for a sport(s), you will receive many benefits that are not open to mass members:


  • You are given an SAB T-shirt at your first event
  • Frequent helpers are rewarded with Directors’ front row tickets to Football and Basketball games
  • You have a major voice in the athletic department, making many great contacts along the way
  • Receive invitations to SAB social events like tailgates, bowling, and watch parties
  • Given priority when applying for Director positions at the end of fall semester

Rounded Rectangle: Mass Members


Rounded Rectangle: Chairs


Rounded Rectangle: 15 Directors


Rounded Rectangle: Executive Members


Area Responsibilities 


  • Design spirit sheets that hang opposite the student section and assist with pregame marketing activities
  • Assist with special football events like the spring game
  • Host Student Athletic Board tailgates before home games

Varsity Club:

  • Meet alumni and donors who are passionate about IU Athletics
  • Assist at home football games and Varsity Club events-responsibilities vary
  • Good if you are into PR or Event Planning

Men's Basketball:

  • First year in charge of the Largest Student Section in the Nation, The Crimson Guard
  • Plan and market special events like Hoosier Hysteria and Night of the Living Red
  • Organize watch parties for big television games
  • Plan trips to away games

Women's Basketball:

  • Very hands-on
  • Throw T-Shirts and promotion items to the crowd, hand out posters
  • Work with getting the fans into the game/creating excitement

Men’s and Women’s Soccer:

  • Assist with marketing and promotions
  • Be on the sideline during games to throw T-Shirts and gift cards to fans
  • Have a chance to meet the teams
  • Help host the yearly Alumni dinner at Coach Yeagley’s house


  • Intensive and hands on, as you are responsible for keeping the game going
  • On the court pregame to shag balls
  • Free catered meals during tournaments

Men’s and Women's Tennis:

  • Help with Senior Day and other special events
  • Set up/tear down umpire’s and players’ chairs
  • Work the scoreboard

Cross Country:

  • Staff the ropes at the finish line and keep times on stop watches for race officials
  • Cheer on the IU runners along the course

Track and Field:

  • Setting up hurdles, working all field events
  • Help with timing of races and keep count of laps for distance events


  • Participate in crowd energizing activities, such as beating the drum, foul ball retrieval, and throwing t-shirts
  • Hang up the K’s under the press box when an IU pitcher strikes out a batter
  • Plan yearly SAB Baseball Cookout

Swimming & Diving:

  • Get up close to the action by watching every race while on the pool deck while being a timer
  • Witness a large, multi-team event by attending the Hoosierland Open in December


  • Help with promotion of regattas and selling merchandise at the event
  • Post results after completion of the race


  • Run the Crimson Club check-in
  • Throw t-shirts, give-aways, and other prizes to attending fans

Men’s and Women’s Golf:

  • Assist with scoring and hospitality tent
  • Trophy presentation
  • Drive spectators to and from the course in Golf Carts


  • Yell Like Hell
  • Homecoming King and Queen competition
  • Homecoming Parade

Field Hockey:

  • Ball-running is the main task at games. You play a crucial part in keeping the game moving