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Edgewood High School

Edgewood High School is located in Ellettsville, Indiana, a small town of 4,000 residents about 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis and seven miles northwest of Bloomington. Approximately 820 students are in attendance and about 50 teachers are employed at the school. The mission of their school corporation, the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation, is to provide students with a quality education that promotes responsible citizenship through the teaching of creative, critical, and decision-making skills in cooperation with families and the community. Edgewood High School offers a wide range of student activities, with the major activities being those of athletic, academic, and musical interests.



Team members

Brad Tucker
Bill Atkinson
Dirk Ackerman
Jay Thrasher
Marsha Kane
Sharon Roualet
Doug Uhls
Paula Brooks
Dianne Miller
Karen Nasstrom
Dennis Ffaust
Debrah Alexander


Safe and Responsive Schools Plan


I. Code of Manners/Reward System
II. Faculty Conferences for students with Problem
III. Mandatory Freshman Orientation/Handbook Review

I. Code Of Manners

Code of Manners/Civility Themes are currently under revision.


II. Faculty Conferences

A. Recommendations

  1. Teachers call parents before a child's first office referral. Administration plays a key role in effective implementation of this-perhaps requiring teachers to write down when they call a parent on the office referral?

  2. After five referrals, a faculty-parent conference is called.

a. A request for the faculty conference can be made by a teacher or counselor.
b. Administrator plays a key role in setting up the meeting. He has more authority to make sure everybody comes.

B. Responsible for Implementation: Administrators, faculty, and school psychologists.

C. Timeline: Begins Fall, 2000.

D. Training Needs: Perhaps faculty training on classroom management and developing behavior plans.

E. Public Relations: Faculty needs to be informed of the new plan.

III. Freshman Orientation

A. Recommendations

  1. Two evening sessions, mandatory for parents.

  2. Parents and students can register before or after orientation.

  3. Principal will talk about rules/policies/expectations in orientation.

  4. Attendance form will be signed so we will know who has attended.

  5. If the parents can't come, we will schedule meetings at a later time, either individually, or as a group.

  6. A letter explaining the orientation will go out in early August, and information will be printed in the local newspaper.

B. Responsible for Implementation: Guidance, administration.

C. Timeline: Start in early August.

D. Costs: Mailing, refreshments.

E. Staff Needed: Parent volunteers to help out with registration.

F. Public Relations: Need to sell the plan to the parents. Having a really good cover letter with the mailing will help. Other ideas: Have the junior high put "mandatory orientation for high school freshman" on the bottom of final report cards for eight graders. This will help get the word out.

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