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Edgewood Junior High School

Mascot: The Colt

Edgewood Jr. High School (EJH) is located in Ellettsville, Indiana and has an enrollment of over 660 students in grades 6th-8th. Their mission is to work cooperatively with parents to provide an atmoshphere for pupils to achieve the highest possible level of academic, social and physical skills. The school uses block programming to assist in creating a more personalized experience for the students. The school also provides students the opportunity to participate in various sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities.


Team members

Shane Killinger
Cheryl Arnold
Tom Roeger
Jan Martin
Ron Beatty
Mike Reagan
Frank Dunn
Jerry Pitsford
D.K. Houston
Rose Anne Smith
Dian Casebeer


Safe and Responsive Schools Plan

Vision Statement:

Edgewood Junior High School is committed to finding programs that will allow all students to learn in a safe and secure environment. Recognizing that not all students have the same needs, EJHS is committed to finding resources or programs to insure that all students are able to move on to the high school and be prepared to meet the ever changing societal needs at the high school level. EJHS remains strong in their belief that it is the schools' responsibility to be proactive in finding ways to engage students that have a wide variety of interests, to be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with students and situations that challenge our daily norms and to offer a curriculum that will develop the intellectual growth, academic achievement, the character development and physical well being of our students.


We will create a climate of civility that includes every aspect of the school day at Edgewood Junior High School.

I. Creating the Climate

A. Civility Curriculum

1. Curriculum will uphold the principles of the "4C's" (The Code)
    a. Civility, Consistency, Citizenship, Commendation
2. Curriculum will be taught during 15 minute reading period once a week
    a. General and Special Education teachers
3. Each quarter (9 weeks) will have a different focus
    a. Tentatively respect, manners, responsibility, and unity
    b. Bullying interspersed through curriculum
4. Curriculum will be piloted with sixth graders
    a. Seventh and eighth grade classes can participate if there is teacher interest
5. Roseanne, Tom, Shane and Jan will develop the curriculum

II. Early Identification/Intervention

A. Colt's Program: Gives positive incentives for students showing civility

1. Card System
a. Each block identifies two students per week
b. Twelve students selected per week

2. Incentives

a. Student receives public recognition by having his or her name announced over the P.A. system and a picture taken for the town newspapers
b. Students go to the office and receive a t-shirt and soda at the end of the month
c. Students participate in quarterly celebration or a party in their block or grade
d. Postcard sent home to the parents of the recognized students

III. Effective Response

A. Behavior School

1. Referrals

a. Student referred after second behavioral offense (alternative to Saturday
b. Students referred if teacher has concern (even if student has not been sent
to the office)

2. Sessions

a. Curriculum developed and taught by Frank and Cindi, with input from
Donna Atkinson. Focus on Bullying Prevention and Anger Management.
b. Two to three 1 hour sessions per month
c. 15 minute follow up sessions during 15 minute reading period

Last updated: 30 September, 2000
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