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  • The Facts about School Violence
    In the wake of highly publicized school shootings, many have assumed that serious violence in schools is increasing dramatically. Yet while any violence in schools is a concern, actual statistics about the level and trends of violence in America's public schools are somewhat surprising.

  • Zero Tolerance
    The message of zero tolerance is politically appealing, giving parents and communities the perception that schools are being tough on crime. Unfortunately, however, there is little or no evidence that zero tolerance can make a positive contribution to school safety or improved student behavior, and a good deal of evidence that the overuse of suspension and expulsion can be detrimental.

  • A Comprehensive Model of School Violence Prevention
    Recently, a comprehensive model of preventive discipline has begun to emerge as the approach most likely to successfully address problems of school disruption and violence. Consistently, programs that effectively cut violence are proactive rather than reactive; involve families, students and the community; and include multiple components that can effectively address the complexity of school disruption and violence.

  • Creating a Positive School Climate
    To some degree all students require instruction in appropriate methods of solving problems. At the level of school climate, preventive programs such as bullying prevention and conflict resolution teach all students alternatives to violence for resolving conflict.

  • Early Identification and Intervention
    The tragic school shootings of the last three years have highlighted the importance of attending to early warning signs of violence. When used to provide help rather than to profile, early identification is a critical component of school violence prevention.

  • Effective Responses to School Disruption
    School violence prevention demands that we be prepared for the eventuality of violence. Schools that are safe and responsive have plans and procedures in place to deal with violent and disruptive behaviors that may occur. Over-reliance on suspension and expulsion is replaced by an extensive array of options that can be matched to the severity of the offense.

  • Restructuring School Discipline
    Clearly, a new approach to school discipline and school violence prevention is needed. The Safe and Responsive Schools Project is applying the findings of school reform to help schools restructure their practice in the areas of school discipline and school safety.

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