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McCormick's Creek Elementary

Mascot: The Wolves

McCormick's Creek Elementary is located in Spencer, Indiana and is the newest school in the Spencer-Owen Community School Corporation. McCormick's Creek Elementary is beginning its first year with 500 students in kindergarten through 6th grade. The school's opening during the second year of the project allowed the SRS team from McCormick's Creek Elementary to begin planning for schoolwide violence prevention well before the first student walked through the doors.


Team members

Marietta Wolfe
Brenda Cooley
Kathy Mobley
Tim Soliday
Claudia Mitchell
Sheila Sparks
Kim Stephens


Safe and Responsive Schools Plan


I. Creating the Climate

A. Communication with civility as the norm
     1. Train and implement a common vocabulary (Top priority of our focus)
     2. Optimum parent involvement
     3. Consistent classroom management

II. Early Identification/Intervention

A. Implementation of conflict?resolution strategies
     1. Student, parent, teacher training (Top priority of our focus)
     2. Integration of the At-Risk program
     3. Building uniformity

III. Effective Responses

A. In-service on effective responses to bullying
    1. Bullying prevention trai
    2. Consistent link between consequences and behavior
        (directly relating the consequence to the behavior)
    3. Mentoring (pairing students with positive role models)

Details of Implementation:

I. Describe the Activities

A. Activities

I . In-service for faculty, staff, parents and students
2. Implementation plans developed
3. Develop written guidelines, policies, or a manual
4. Vehicles for implementation
  • Classroom mailings
  • At-Risk program
  • Reading
  • Workshop attendance
  • Use of newsletter
  • Parent/Teacher conference
  • Web site
  • Morning coffees
  • Study groups
  • Posters
  • Student-Council activities
  • Group building activities
  • Focus Days/Nights (Read -n- Feeds, Science Days)

II. Scope of the Plan

A. Location
     McCormick's Creek Elementary School
B. Extent of Staff, Parent Involvement
     100 percent involvement
C. Student Involvement
     100 percent involvement
D. Timeline
    - Kickoff will be April 20, 2000 with MCES' first faculty meeting
    - Parent training will start with parent/student registration.
       This will be done with a pamphlet to emphasize our goals and strategies.
    - Thirty minute training strategies after school with teachers on conflict/resolution

III. Details of the Safe and Responsive School Plan

A. Resources Available/Needed

1. Training:
   - Russ Skiba on Safe & Responsive Schools, Brenda Coley with Megaskilis
   - Need a counselor
   - Need reading materials, manual
2. Staffing:
   - Send two people to workshops to bring back their training to the staff
   - Get outside trainers for bullying (early identification and intervention) and for conflict/resolution
3. Funding:
   - Russ Skiba's money
   - Professional development fund (Marietta)
4. PR:
   - Newspaper articles
   - Special campaign with the media (the courageous camp crusader
   - Pictures to the media, school newsletters

IV. Getting Started

A. What do we expect?
1. Current Situation/Problem

2. Ideal Change Based on Plan

B. How do we know we are making a difference?

1 . What information we need?
   - Track office referrals
   - Follow-up surveys
   - ISTEP scores
   - Attendance records/rates
   - Citizenship grades
   - Fewer angry parents
   - Compare classroom techniques with office referral data
2. Who will collect the data?
   - Assistant principal
   - Office personnel
   - Classroom teachers
3. How often (when) will we look at the data?
   - Monitor the data on a continuous basis
   - Benchmark the grading periods to evaluate what we are doing and it's effectiveness
4. Will this be convincing?
     Yes, more convincing with office referral and ISTEP score data
Spring 2000 Summer 2000 Fall 2000 Winter 2000 Spring 2001
April 20 MCES teachers meeting Present plan Preparing written teacher material Pamphlet for parents during fall registration Continue in service Ask Russ for more money
  Collecting professional material In-service/ Training Continue training Implement new strategies from our meeting in January
    Training session in August Review data Effectiveness of evaluation
    Training session in September Revise/ reevaluate plan in January Plan appropriate in-service for next year


C. Remaining Planning (the rest of this school year)

1. Introduction to the Staff
2. P. R. promotional program (outline what we want to do)

D. Presentation

1. PTO meetings
2. Flyer
3. Classroom meetings (town meetings)
4. Newspaper articles
5. Presentation to the School Board (by principals)

E. Immediate Action Steps, Responsibilities, Deadlines

1. Marietta and Brenda will do a lot for the beginning
2. Dynamic Action Characters
   - Captain Courtesy
   - Robert Responsibility
   - Mabel Motivation
   - Paul Perseverance
   - Ella Enthusiasm
   - Kitty Caring

Last updated: 30 September, 2000
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