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Owen Valley Middle School

Owen Valley Middle School is located in Spencer, Indiana and is the only middle school in the Spencer-Owen School Corporation. Owen Valley Middle School has over 700 students in 7th and 8th grades. The school is organized into a block system, with two blocks for each grade.


Team members

George Jennings
Aaron Le Grange
Diane Shewmaker
Carolyn Scholten
Randall Squires
Sherry Reiche


Safe and Responsive Schools Plan

The Safe Schools Committee recommends three areas of focus:

I. Have a monthly newsletter to increase communication.

A. One or two people can do this.
B. We will try to mail it home (check to see what funds the high school uses to mail theirs out).

II. Create a social skills program given to the students once a week (similar to the reading time slots). This will be broadcast through the Vision Athena room.

A. Have students involved in the presentation to draw the viewer's interest.
B. Counselors, along with the safe schools group and other teachers, will work
together to present the material.

III. Restart an effective in-school suspension program (alternative learning center).

A. It will be in our building.
B. It will be day long to avoid scheduling problems.
C. It will have a separate (hopefully isolated) room with study carrels.
D. It will possibly present the opportunity for students to be "paroled" by lunchtime if they work hard and have good behavior.
E. We have been told by Mr. McDaniel that there will not be funds for a certified teacher to staff it next year, but there will be funds for an hourly position. We all know that the person who staff this room will make or break the program, so we will do our best to find someone who will be effective.

Some less extensive components include:

* Pep Sessions
* Restructuring of open houses to get more parents there
* Increasing communication between grade levels
* Enhancing the PTO (by trying to get more people involved and making it have a
* Restarting some sort of homework hotline: Phone? Internet?
Team Members Involved in Writing the Plan: George Jennings, Dianne Shewmaker, Aaron LaGrange, Carolyn Scholten, George Bergan, Sherry Reiche, Randy Squire

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