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Owen Valley High School

Owen Valley High School is located in Spencer, a rural town in southwest Indiana. Approximately 950 students are in attendance and about 60 teachers are employed at the school. A wide variety of extra-curricular programs are available for students: clubs, sports, academic competitions, and excellent choral and band programs.



Team members

Kenneth McCollum
Dan Cunningham
Greg Burns
Maribeth McKaig
Kelly Helms
Gloria Figg
Deanna Heckman
Mary Lou Fretz
Tillman Piedmont
Tom Kinzer


Safe and Responsive Schools Plan

I. Creating the Climate: Classroom Management

A. Teacher Training

1. Classroom management strategies
2. Teaching social skills
3. Teaching respect and civility
4. Consistent rules for cooperative learning groups
5. Posting and going over classroom rules

B. Advisement

1. Continuation of PRIDE so students will have one teacher/advisor for four years
2. Continuation of scheduling night, fall open house
3. Continuation of school newsletter

C. Positive Feedback/Incentives

1. Patriotgrams
2. Drawings for food coupons, mall money, special privileges, etc.
3. Special convocations, PRIDE games
4. Open house to showcase special projects

II. Early Identification and Intervention Team

A. "Time Out" room (not in-school suspension)

1. Teacher monitoring of this room
2. Guidelines will be developed to inform teachers of when a student should be sent to this room, rather than give a discipline referral.
3. Counseling while in this room, anger management
5. Peer mediation

B. Developing a system for collecting data

1. Discipline referrals sent to counseling office after problem has been dealt with by the "time out" room and/or the main office.
2. Discipline referrals for special education students sent to special education department after problem has been dealt with by the "time out" room and/or the main office.
3. Possible computer program installed to keep teachers better informed of discipline actions taken by the office.

III. Effective Responses: Alternative Placement

A. Tutoring Center: Currently available only for students on probation and special
education students.
B. Team of community members working together to find alternative placements for
students serving out-of school suspensions. This team could include
administrators, teachers, parents, probation officers, judges, law officers,
corrections departments, and employers.
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