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Preventing School Violence: A Practical Guide to Comprehensive Planning

by Russell Skiba, Kimberly Boone, Angela Fontanini, & Reece Peterson

This is a practical review of what we know about school violence prevention, including a review of current data on the prevalence of school violence and strategies that have been shown to be successful in improving school climate and reducing school violence and disruption.

The Color of Discipline: Sources of Racial and Gender Disproportionality in School Punishment
by Russell J. Skiba, Robert S. Michael, Abra C. Nardo, and Reece L. Peterson

Minority disproportionality in school discipline has been a concern for over 25 years. This report reviews the literature concerning disproportional discipline, and tests alternative hypotheses for African American overrepresentation in office referral, suspension, and expulsion.

Zero Tolerance, Zero Evidence: An Analysis of School Disciplinary Practice
by Russell Skiba

The zero tolerance disciplinary approach has been widely implemented in response to perceptions of increased school violence. This review explores the controversies that appear to be inherent in the use of zero tolerance and explores the evidence concerning the effectiveness of zero tolerance in contributing toward school safety or reduced student disruption.

What Works in Preventing School Violence: The Safe and Responsive Fact Sheet Series

These are a series of two page fact sheets reviewing the literature on promising interventions for preventing school violence. Each fact sheet presents an overview of the program, data on the implementation and effectiveness of the program, and information on components that appear to be critical for its success.

· Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution Curricula
· Peer Mediation
· Bullying Prevention
· Parent Involvement
· Using Early Warning Signs
· Mentoring
· Anger Management

· Character Education
· Cooperative Learning
· School Community Resource Officers
· School-Based Probation Officers
· Security Audits and Inspections
· Service Learning
· Teen Courts
· Wraparound

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