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General References

Constructive Classroom Management: Strategies for Creating Positive Learning Environments provides teachers with practical ways to help students manage their own behavior. The guide includes case materials that illustrate the assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and reassessment processes needed for managing classroom behavior. It also provides examples demonstrating a variety of situations in special and general education classrooms at both the elementary and the secondary level.

Author(s): Epanchin, B. C., Townsend, B. & Stoddard, K.
Publication Year: 1994
Contact Information: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company

511 Forest Lodge Road
Pacific Grove, CA93950-5098

Cooperative Discipline provides teachers with interventions and encouragement strategies for working with all students, as well as provides instructions for developing a classroom code of conduct and conflict resolution procedures. The guide also provides strategies for including students, parents, and others in the discipline process.

Author(s): Albert, L.
Publication Year: 1996
Price: 18.95
Contact Information: Can be purchased at

Democratic Discipline: Foundation & Practice provides teachers with background information on the foundations and ideals of democratic principles. It also gives suggestions on how teachers can incorporate democratic principals in their discipline approach.

Author(s): Hoover, R. L., & Knidsvatter, R.
Publication Year: 1997
Price: 41.45
Contact Information: Can be purchased at

Discipline with Dignity (3 videotapes + leader's guide) offers strategies and skills for dealing with angry and disruptive behavior while positively affecting the lives of youth. The videotapes, which are designed for staff development, are filmed in K-12, multicultural settings. The guide provides everything needed to implement Discipline with Dignity in your school (i.e., sample survey formats, memos, overheads, and suggested structures for training).

Author: Mendler, A.
Publication Year: 1999
Price: 356.00
Contact Information: Solution Tree

Discipline with Dignity for Challenging Youth contains concepts and classroom-tested techniques that educators can use to work more effectively with their toughest students.

Author(s): Mendler, A., & Curwin, R.
Publication Year: 1999
Price: 24.95
Contact Information: Solution Tree

What Do I Do When: How to Achieve Discipline With Dignity in the Classroom
describes the key principles of Discipline with Dignity, as well as summarizes key methods and describes some new approaches to difficult behavior.

Author(s): Mendler, A.
Publication Year: 1992
Contact Information: Solution Tree

Power Struggles offers strategies and suggestions for preventing disputes between educators and students. Mendler uses scenarios, examples, and real-life situations to illustrate ways that teachers can diffuse situations, avoid the hostility cycle, and handle the rest of the class during disruptions.

Author(s): Mendler, A.
Publication Date: 1997
Price: 8.95
Contact Information: Phi Delta Kappa International,

P.O. Box 789,
Bloomington, IN 47402-0789 U.S.A.
800-766-1156 or (812) 339-1156
Fax: (812) 339-0018

Rediscovering Hope: Our Greatest Teaching Strategy offers suggestions on how to reach students who have lost hope. It also provides discipline methods that are based on effective consequences for breaking rules and student responsibility.

Author: Curwin, R.
Publication Year: 1992
Price: 21.95
Contact Information: Solution Tree

Responsible Classroom Management for Teachers and Students provides theoretical and practical background information on the stages of child development and how relationships influence student behavior. It also describes the Responsible Classroom Management (RCM) plan and provides models for using the RCM plan at the elementary, middle, and secondary school levels.

Author(s): Queen, J. A., Blackwelder, B. B., & Mallen, L. P.
Publication Year: 1997
Price: 43.70

Rethinking Student Discipline: Alternatives that Work provides alternative strategies for dealing with school discipline problems. These strategies emphasize creating a supportive school climate by having positive parent-teacher expectations of students, respect for students, and good communication. The book also describes an approach that one high school used in developing its discipline-management program, as well as inschool suspension programs, and practical considerations for building and training successful problem-solving teams.

Author(s): Short, P. M., Short, R. J., & Blanton, C.
Publication Year: 1994
Price: 18.00
Contact Information: Corwin Press, Inc.

2455 Teller Road
Thousand oaks, CA 91320

The Tough Kid Book: Practical Classroom Management Strategies is a resource that provides both regular and special education teachers with practical techniques for dealing with difficult children. The techniques are designed to maximally reduce disruptive behavior, as well as provide the children with behavioral, academic, and social survival skills.

Author(s): Rhode, G., Jenson, W. R., & Reavis, H. K.
Publication Year: 1996
Price: 19.50
Contact Information: Can be purchased at

The Well-Managed Classroom: Promoting Success Through Social Skills Instruction describes the Boys Town Education Model and offers educators teaching and management techniques that can be used in preschool through high school classrooms.

Authors: Connolly, T., Dowd, T., Criste, A., Nelson, C., & Tobias, L.
Publication Year: 1995
Price: 22.95
Contact Information: Boys Town Press

14100 Crawford Street
Boys Town, NE 68010
(800) 282-6657

Teaching Effective Classroom Routines offers step-by-step instruction for teachers who want to establish more consistent routines for: greeting students, signaling for attention, giving directions, providing feedback and correction, ensuring student compliance, and grading on the spot. Reproducible checklists, worksheets, and overhead transparency masters are included.

Authors: Witt, J., LaFleur, L., Naquin, G., & Gilbertson, D.
Publication Date: 1999
Price: 29.50
Contact Information: Sopris West

4093 Specialty Place
Longmont, CO 80504
Phone: (303) 651-2829
Fax: (303) 776-5934

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Tough Kid Tool Box: Drs. Jenson, Reavis, and Rhode provide participants with practical, effective, and easily monitored strategies that are designed to reduce the disruptive behaviors of students with or without disabilities. The workshop lasts 6 hours and is geared towards 5-8 educators, administrators, and specialists.

For further information contact: William R. Jenson, Ph.D.
Phone: 801-581-6508
Sopris West
4093 Specialty Place
Longmont, CO 80504
Phone: (303) 651-2829 Fax: (303) 776-5934

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Online Resources

The Behavior Home Page provides access to information regarding effectively handling behavioral problems, as well as offers additional resources.

The Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

Prevention and Early Intervention: Collaboration and Practice

Prevention Strategies That Work

ProTeacher offers links and resources concerning classroom management.

Innovative Classroom provides teachers with classroom management tips, as well as allows teachers to share ideas and ask questions of other teachers.

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