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General References

American Psychological Association -- Warning Signs provides material from the American Psychological Association and American Academy of Pediatrics on potential warning signs for violence in children.

Contact Information: American Academy, Division of Publications
141 Northwest Point Blvd
PO Box 927
Elk GroveVillage, IL. 60009-0927.
To view go to:

Antisocial Behavior in School: Strategies and Best Practices offers educators with information regarding the nature, origins, and causes of antisocial behavior. The book also offers the best available practice, interventions, and model programs for the prevention and remediation of antisocial behavior disorders occurring in school.

Authors: Walker, H. M., Colvin, G., & Ramsey, E.
Publication Year: 1995
Price: 63.95
Contact Information: Can be purchased at

Early Warning Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools provides schools with strategies designed to assist schools in identifying early warning signs, and developing prevention, intervention, and crisis response plans.

Author(s): Dwyer, K., Osher, D., & Warger, C.
Publication Year: 1998
Contact Information:
(online guide available)

Safeguarding Our Children: An Action Guide builds upon the Early Warning Guide and provides a comprehensive model that incorporates prevention, early intervention, and intensive interventions. The guide also identifies mechanisms for implementing the plan, as well as offers information about technical assistance centers and evidence-based resources that school communities can use to develop a comprehensive plan to address their schools needs.

Author(s): Dwyer, K., Osher, D., & Warger, C.
Publication Year: 2000
Contact Information: ED Pubs, Editorial Publications Center

U.S. Department of Education
P.O. Box 1398
Jessup, MD 20794-1398
Fax: 301-470-1244 (online copy available)

The American Psychological Association and MTV provide youth with information about identifying the warning signs of violent behavior and how to get help if they
recognize these signs in themselves or their peers.

Contact Information: American Psychological Association

750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
(800)374-2721 or (202) 336-5500

Why Didn't We See it Coming: Assessing Early Warning Signs emphasizes the importance of identifying and assessing early warning signs. The book also examines a schoolwide system for identifying students who need help.

Author(s): Keys to Safer Schools
Price: 39.95
Contact Information: Keys to Safer Schools

P.O. Box 296
Bryant, AR 72089-0296
"toll free" 1(877)978-7678


Early Warning Signs In-service is a 3 hour session that addresses why knowing early warning signs are necessary, what early warning signs are, and how to use early warning signs. The in-service is $55 per person for up to 42 participants.

Early Warning Signs 1 day Workshop provides training on why we miss troubled students and what we can do identify them. It also provides individuals with certification in the use of the Keys to Safer Schools Early Warning Assessment tool. The workshop costs $95 per person and includes a copy of the Assessing Early Warning Signs Manual.

Contact Information: Keys to Safer Schools

P.O. Box 296
Bryant, AR 72089-0296
"toll free" 1(877)978-7678

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