Stephen C Jacobson


Jinsheng Zhou

Graduate Students

Nick Lyktey

Andrew Kneller

Josh Baker

Panagiotis Kondylis

Xiaomei Zhou

Heather Malone

Woran Song

Yuanchen Yu

Mi Zhang

Sheng-Yuan Huang

Former Students

Eliot Delunas

BS in Chemistry 2008 - Currently at Asia Trade and Commodities

Michelle Kovarik

PhD 2009 - Currently at Trinity College

Maggie Donoghue

PhD 2010 - Currently at Appalachian State and Wake Forest

Graham Erwin

BS 2010 - Currently at UW-Madison

Zexi Zhuang

PhD 2010 - Currently at Institute for Systems Biology

Kaimeng Zhou

PhD 2011 - Currently at Merck

Brett Hildenbrand

MS 2012 - Currently at Colorado School of Mines

Lauren Kacz

MS 2012 - Currently at Roche-Diagnostics

Michelle Hoffman

PhD 2012 - Currently at The College of Wooster

Nate Rawlinson

PhD 2012 - Currently at Treasure Valley

John Perry

PhD 2012 - Currently at UNC

Andrew Wilkens

MS 2013 - Currently at JOVE

Seth Madren

PhD 2013 - Currently at Biogen

Indranil Mitra

PhD 2014 - Currently Humboldt Fellow at University of Freiburg

Zachary Harms

PhD 2014 - Currently at Eli Lilly and Company

Christa Snyder

PhD 2016 - Currently at Covance

Daniel Haywood

PhD 2016 - Currently at Intel Corporation