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Upper Division

Lower Division

Ontology of Mind Metaphysics Symbolic Logic
Ontology Philosophy of Mind Elementary Logic
Free Will Philosophy of Religion Introduction to Philosophy
Modality Action Theory God, Evil, and Evidence
Universals and Particulars Space and Time Evolution and Religion
Skepticism Medieval Philosophy  
Contemporary Epistemology Early Modern Philosophy  
Evil and Design Seminar: Free Will  
Objects in Space and Time Seminar: Faith and Reason  
Truthmaking, Grounding, and Fundamentality    
At Tsinghua U., Beijing: Science and Religion    
At Central European U., Budapest: Aspects of Responsibility    

PhD Thesis Director

James Edwards, "Justification as Intra-Personal Argumentation," 1999.
Karen Brown, "Unthought-of Possibilities and the Sources of Belief," 2002.
Brian Morton, "Ineffability and Self-Refutation: Non-Monotonic Logic in the Thought 
   of Pseudo-Dionysius, Sextus Empiricus, and the Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita," 2003.
Jennifer Wolsing, "Free at Last: A Libertarian Defense of Free Will," 2005.
Kevin Kimble, "Phenomenal Character and Intentional Content: A Non-reductive Proposal," 2006.
Jonathan Jacobs, "Causal Powers: A Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysic," 2007.
Georg Theiner, "The Extended Mind," 2008.
Jaeho Lee, "Humean Supervenience and Humean Theories of Scientific Explanation," 2010.
John Ross Churchill, "Causal Exclusion and the Nature of the Mental," 2010.
Allen Gehring, "Truthmaker Theory and Its Applications," 2012
Philip Woodward, "Towards a Theory of Mental Content" in progress
* Member of thesis committee for 19 other completed theses

Undergraduate Thesis Director

Brian Sweeney, "'Common Sense' and the Theory of Knowledge," 1996.
Benjamin Singer, "Complete Liberation: The Sacred Biography of Tibetan Buddhist Master Gyalwang Lama Karma Lobsang," 1999.
Hong Yu Wong, "Making Sense of Multiple Realizability," 2001.
Paul Weaver, "A More Robust Understanding of Basicality," 2001.
Eric Charles, "Material Composition," 2005.
Matthew Laird, "The Evolution of Freedom," 2006.
Derrick Murphy, "The Problem of Universals," 2007.
Christopher Austin, "Essentialism," 2008.
Laura Frances Goins, "Faith and Sensibility," 2011
Michael Thomas, "Aristotle and Aquinas: Why Can't We Be Friends (with God)?," 2012
Faiz Kidwai, "The Problem of Divine Hiddenness" 2013
Erica Ridderman, "Free Will and the Possibility of Eternal Separation from God" 2014