Captain Kidd's
Lost Shipwreck

Our Mission:
Research and interpretation of submerged cultural and biological resources emphasizing park development
and sustainable use.


Photo Gallery

site map
Site map of the Cara Merchant
Reserve Buoy marking Cara Merchant site
Coral reef restoration done next to site. Repairing broken elkhorn corals
Moving selected cannon for conservation
cannon move
Stack of cannon aligned muzzle to cascabel
This cannon is one of three biological monitoring areas to indicate the overall biolological health of the site
cannon 13
Coral head near site supporting diverse coral and fish populations.
Staghorn coral near wreck site.
Large tube sponge off wreck site.
Endangered elkhorn coral stand located just off the Captain Kidd wreck site.
Healthy elkhorn corals next to wreck site
Cannon on pile
reef shot
Reef shot next to wreck site
Cannons and section of wooden hull
Thin section of teak wood taken from hull remains
Charles Beeker studying one of Captain Kidd's cannons
Researcher Fritz Hanselmann examining a ballast stone
Researchers excavating site in search of artifacts and hull remains
Researchers working on conservation of cannon

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