Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Underwater Science

FKNMS Shipwreck Trail

Indiana University's ongoing field investigations provide the basis for this World Wide Web tour of selected shipwrecks and historic sites of the Florida Keys. The ships listed below constitute the backbone of the FKNMS Shipwreck Trail established by the Sanctuary to protect historical and ma rine resources off Florida's coast. All of the sites are easily accessible by local charter boat operators. However, these are important underwater resources so please remember to "take only photos and leave only bubbles."

  • San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve
    Established as Florida's Second Underwater Shipwreck Park on April 1, 1989, the 1733 San Pedro shipwreck is one of Florida's oldest artificial reefs.

  • City of Washington
    Famous for its role in the Spanish American War, the ship was built in 1877 as a cargo and passenger transport vessel travelling for 40 years between New York and Havana Cuba, Progreso and Campeche, Mexico before she ran aground off Fl orida's coast.

  • Benwood Historic Shipwreck
    The site of a Norwegian freighter which collided with another vessel during World War II, the Benwood is among the most dived upon shipwrecks in the world.

  • U.S. Cutter Duane
    The 327 foot ship was launched on June 3, 1936 as a search and rescue and law enforcement vessel. Decomissioned on August 1,1985 as the oldest active U.S. military vessel she offers a unique oppportunity for underwater exploration.

  • The Eagle
    Built in 1962 in Holland, she was a hull freighter that caught fire on her route to Venezuela in 1985. She was towed to Miami where the Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association (FKARA) bought her with the explicit purpose to create an artificial reef.