Eagle Diver Information

Photo credit: Stephen Frink, from "Histories and Mysteries" by Thomas Scott.

Site Description: Intact 270'-long freighter sunk in the 1985 as an artificial reef.

Location: Three miles northeast of the Alligator Reef area in 110' of water.

Depth: 60'-110'

Visability: Averages 50' to 75'

Diver Level: Advanced diver, Wreck diver recommended for vessel penetration

Comments: The Eagle is one of the most requested deep dives in the Florida Keys. However, divers should be aware this is a highly advanced dive due to its great depths and gulf stream currents, as well as its confusing sideways orientation. The currents can be strong and the use of the ascent and descent lines is neccessary. There are three buoys on the site.

Last updated: 14 December 1995
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