Mast Wreck (Slobodna 1887)

Molasses Reef,
Key Largo

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary


Iron-composite mast believed by Indiana University researchers to be that of the 19th
 century Austrian sailing vessel Slobodna.


Historical Significance- A large iron-composite mast and boom are among the remains surveyed by Indiana University on this fascinating, yet not often visited, shipwreck site in the Florida Keys. IU researchers are monitoring the biology and continue to investigate the archaeology of the site with the goal of matching its remains to the 19th century sailing vessel Slobodna.

Site Illustration- Scaled drawing prepared by Indiana University

Research Activities- Ongoing Indiana University field study activities

Marine Biology- Corals, fishes and underwater life associated with the wreck

Diver Information- Location, depth and general diving conditions

Underwater Tour- Dive the Mast Wreck via the World Wide Web

Last updated: 11 February 2002
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