Mast Wreck Diver Information

Site Description: In a large patch of white sand are the scattered rigging and hull components of a 19th century sailing vessel: 56' mast, 20' boom, and several iron knees scattered throughout a 100' to 200' area.

Location: Molasses Reef, south and shoreward of the reef tower

Depth: ~20' - 25'

Visibility: Averages from 35' to 50'

Diver Level: Beginning scuba diver, or snorkeler

Comments: The site is rarely visited by sport divers even though it is an excellent and fascinating example of a shipwreck that is now well incorporated into the life cycle of a reef flat zone. Many schools of smaller fish and patches of soft coral inhabit the mast, and an occasional nurse shark may be spotted in the area.

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Last updated: 1 February 2002
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