Mast Wreck
Slobodna 1887

A bilge pump handle encrusted to a large iron knee

The Slobodna:

On March 16, 1887, carrying 4,500 bales of cotton, the Austrian sailing vessel Slobodna ran aground on Molasses Reef. Much of the Slobodna's components and cargo were salvaged within days of its wrecking, according to official documents.

IU's Research:

In May 1995, researchers from IU's Underwater Science Program surveyed the Mast Wreck (sometimes referred to as the "Pin Wreck" or the "Brass Pin Wreck" although no brass or pins remain), hoping to find clues that match the remains to the Slobodna. Perhaps the items which will prove most valuable in ascertaining the name of the vessel are the many iron knees which are scattered about the site.

In the photo to the right, a bilge pump handle has become encrusted to a large iron knee. Comparing IU measurements of this knee (and other knees and components at the site) to details of the Slobodna's construction may show that this is indeed the site of the 1887 wreck.

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