Spanish Anchor Research Activities

Indiana University has recognized the Spanish Anchor site for its archaeological and biological significance as well as for its educational and recreational potential. In 1986 an ongoing assessment of the Spanish Anchor was undertaken by IU to provide resource managers with baseline biological and archaeological data to aid in their evaluation of the site. Subsequent IU surveys of the site have generated the hypothesis that specific analysis of the Spanish Anchor- as a microcosm of the reef- has broader implications for the general well being of the Molasses Reef ecosystem. Furthermore, quantitative data, in conjunction with a historical perspective and archaeological context, can be incorporated into useful educational templates. By developing simple methodologies for the public to utilize, these educational templates encourage continued documentation of the site, and fosters a preservational attitude among user groups, thus affording the Spanish Anchor additional site protection.

Bill Goodwin, NOAA Damage Assessment, and Underwater Science Research Assistants Kye Tiernan and Carrie Chism identify biology on the Spanish Anchor.

Last updated: October 22, 2001
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