Anchor Terminology

Parts of an Anchor

Arm-Part of the anchor extending from the crown end of the shank and connecting to the palm.

Band-Metal loop securing the two sections of the wooden stock together and to the shank.

Bill-Very tip end of palm.

Crown-The pointed end of the anchor which attaches the shank to the arms.

Eye-Hole in the end of the shank through which the ring is attached.

Fluke-The spade shaped appendage of the arm used for digging into the sea bed in order to secure the vessel.

Palm-Flat upper most portion of the fluke.

Ring-The working end of the anchor which rope or chain was attached to connect the anchor to the vessel.

Shank-The vertical stem of the anchor.

Stock-Cross bar of the anchor which turns the anchor into an attitude that enables the fluke to dig in to the sea bed.

Throat-The curvature between the shank and the upward part of the arm.

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