Recruitment is the opportunity to meet members at all nineteen sororities at Indiana. While attending Recruitment parties, you will have the opportunity to experience the personalities and traditions of each sorority to get a feel for the atmosphere of each house. More importantly, it offers the opportunity to talk with the members so that you are confident in deciding which house dynamic is right for you.

Sigma Delta Tau is a life-long sisterhood; though your journey may begin in your undergraduate studies at Indiana University, your experiences with SDT can continue forever. Founded at the prestigious Cornell University our founders believed, above all else, in diversity. Sigma Delta Tau is a diverse sisterhood full of fun-loving, caring, and active women who are highly involved on campus. Our sisters hold many position throughout campus life, but above all, they embody the values of Sigma Delta Tau.

For more information, visit the Go Greek Website to find out why you should join a sorority here at Indiana University!!!

Important Dates:
December 5-6: 19 party
January 7-8: 14 party
January 9: 8 party
January 10: 3 party
January 11: Bid Night

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