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Computers Learning Language Through Games

The Cognitive Computing Lab presents a collection of games and visualizations to help understand language.

Welcome! Let's Get Started

Welcome to the Cognitive Computing Lab (CCL) at Indiana University, Bloomington. The lab is directed by Dr. Michael Jones and focuses on computational and experimental studies of language and knowledge representation in humans and machines. We are generally interested in understanding the computational mechanisms used by the human brain to learn, represent, and use environmental information to structure knowledge, as well as how this knowledge degrades.

In the CCL Playground, we present games and visualizations that are relevant to our work. By participating in any of the games on this site, you will be contributing toward our collective understanding of language. Have a look around, try different things, have fun. Below is a brief description of some of our tools.

Semantic Pictionary

We are trying to find out how shape information effects natural language understanding. In this game, we ask you to create a representation of a common noun using basic objects like squares and circles. Another player must then guess what object you created. It's Pictionary with shapes. Click here to visit the Semantic Pictionary page.

Word 2 Word

In the field of natural language processing, we often have to rely on our own knowledge of language to see how well our systems work. Often we only look at a few sample cases and see that they line up with our expectations. We think that you need to see the bigger picture. To this end we provide word2word. This tool allows you to visualize different semantic spaces easily and select words of interest. Click here to visit the word2word page.

The Great Cookie Search

What sweeter way to do science than to be cooking and eating cookies? In this web application, cookie recipes are generated using a genetic algorithm. We then rely on you to go make, eat and rate those cookies so we can prepare ever more delectable recipes. View the entire cookie lineage of your favorite recipe or browse the more unusual foods. Click here to visit the cookie search page.

Contact the Lab

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would be interested in participating in a lab experiment.

p: 812.855.5604


We study how knowledge of human cognitive systems can be used to enhance intelligent machine systems in practical tasks, and how information environments can be optimally structured for humans and machines to work together.

- Mike Jones
CLL Director